New Books

This moment is your life (and so is this one) : a fun and easy guide to mindfulness, meditation, and yoga This moment is your life (and so is this one) : a fun and easy guide to mindfulness, meditation, and yoga
Gates, Mariam, author.
The soldier The soldier
Asher, Neal L., 1961- author.
Murder to the metal Murder to the metal
Hogsett, Annie, author.
The council of twelve The council of twelve
Pötzsch, Oliver, author.
Tom Clancy Tom Clancy's Op-Center. For honor
Rovin, Jeff, author.
The shimmer The shimmer
Stroud, Carsten, 1946- author.
SEAL Team Six. Hunt the Viper SEAL Team Six. Hunt the Viper
Mann, Don, 1957- author.
Fakes and lies Fakes and lies
Adams, Jane, 1960- author
Into? Into?
Morgan, North, 1980- author.
The theory of happily ever after The theory of happily ever after
Billerbeck, Kristin, author.
North American road trips : unforgettable  journeys of a lifetime North American road trips : unforgettable journeys of a lifetime
Derrick, Martin. author.
Madagascar : a novel Madagascar : a novel
Holgate, Stephen, author.
And all the phases of the Moon And all the phases of the Moon
Singer, Judy Reene, author.
Miriam Miriam
Andrews, Mesu, 1963- author.
Arms of mercy Arms of mercy
Reid, Ruth, 1963- author.
Inferior : how science got women wrong - and the new research that Inferior : how science got women wrong - and the new research that's rewriting the story
Saini, Angela, 1980- author.
Wild bread : flour + water + air : sourdough reinvented Wild bread : flour + water + air : sourdough reinvented
Butters, MaryJane, 1953- author.
Once upon a chef, the cookbook : 100 tested, perfected, and family-approved recipes Once upon a chef, the cookbook : 100 tested, perfected, and family-approved recipes
Segal, Jennifer, author.
Yakuza moon : memoirs of a gangster Yakuza moon : memoirs of a gangster's daughter
Tendō, Shōko, 1968-
Cursed! Cursed!
McGeddon, R., author.
Hunting Charles Manson : the quest for justice in the days of helter skelter Hunting Charles Manson : the quest for justice in the days of helter skelter
Wiehl, Lis W, author.
Gaza : an inquest into its martyrdom Gaza : an inquest into its martyrdom
Finkelstein, Norman G, author.
Fix-it and forget-it slow cooker dump dinners & desserts : 150 crazy yummy meals for your crazy busy life Fix-it and forget-it slow cooker dump dinners & desserts : 150 crazy yummy meals for your crazy busy life
Comerford, Hope, author.
Project fire : cutting-edge techniques and sizzling recipes from the caveman porterhouse to salt slab brownie s Project fire : cutting-edge techniques and sizzling recipes from the caveman porterhouse to salt slab brownie s'mores
Raichlen, Steven, author.
Sick : a memoir Sick : a memoir
Khakpour, Porochista, author.
Story trumps structure : how to write unforgettable fiction by breaking the rules Story trumps structure : how to write unforgettable fiction by breaking the rules
James, Steven, 1969- author.
Loving Pablo, hating Escobar Loving Pablo, hating Escobar
Vallejo, Virginia, author.
The rational Bible : Exodus : God, slavery, and freedom The rational Bible : Exodus : God, slavery, and freedom
Prager, Dennis, 1948- author.
Days of awe Days of awe
Homes, A. M, author.
Widows Widows
La Plante, Lynda, author
Threat of danger Threat of danger
Marton, Dana, author
Quench : beat fatigue, drop weight, and heal your body through the new science of optimum hydration Quench : beat fatigue, drop weight, and heal your body through the new science of optimum hydration
Cohen, Dana, author.
Chasing New Horizons : inside the epic first mission to Pluto Chasing New Horizons : inside the epic first mission to Pluto
Stern, Alan, 1957- author.
Charlotte Gray : a novel Charlotte Gray : a novel
Faulks, Sebastian.
A baby A baby's bones
Alexander, Rebecca (Psychotherapist), author.
A conspiracy of tall men A conspiracy of tall men
Hawley, Noah, author.
Springfield confidential : jokes, secrets, and outright lies from a lifetime writing for The Simpsons Springfield confidential : jokes, secrets, and outright lies from a lifetime writing for The Simpsons
Reiss, Mike, 1959- author.
Last Girl Gone : A Laura Chambers Mystery Last Girl Gone : A Laura Chambers Mystery
Hetherton, J. G.
Into the Amazon : Chico Mendes and the struggle for the rain forest Into the Amazon : Chico Mendes and the struggle for the rain forest
Dwyer, Augusta, 1956-
Convenience store woman Convenience store woman
Murata, Sayaka, 1979- author.
What the eyes don What the eyes don't see : a story of crisis, resistance, and hope in an American city
Hanna-Attisha, Mona, author.
The shades : a novel The shades : a novel
Citkowitz, Evgenia, 1962- author.
History of violence History of violence
Louis, Édouard, author.
The lost vintage : a novel The lost vintage : a novel
Mah, Ann, author.
Bring me back Bring me back
Paris, B. A., author.
A matter of conscience A matter of conscience
Bartleman, James, 1939- author
On the up On the up
Jones, Shilo, author
Incredibles 2 Incredibles 2
Francis, Suzanne, adapter.
Ninety percent mental : an All-Star player turned mental skills coach reveals the hidden game of baseball Ninety percent mental : an All-Star player turned mental skills coach reveals the hidden game of baseball
Tewksbury, Bob, 1960- author.
Square Square
Barnett, Mac, author.
Foods that harm, foods that heal : what to eat to beat disease and live longer
Two Naomis
Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola
Let's pretend we never met
Walker, Melissa
Balcony on the moon
Barakat, Ibtisam.
If birds fly back
Sorosiak, Carlie.
Rossi, Veronica.
Bow wow : a Bowser and Birdie novel
Quinn, Spencer.
P.S. send more cookies
Freeman, Martha
Moon shadow
Downing, Erin
Savage, Melissa
Legrand, Claire.
Budhos, Marina.
Geekerella : a novel
Poston, Ashley.
Akissi : tales of mischief
Abouet, Marguerite.
Sharks : nature's perfect hunter
Flood, Joe, (Illustrator), author, artist.
Revoy, Antoine.
Rockets : defying gravity
Drozd, Anne.
Dittmer, Lori, author.
Max est dans la lune
Saint Mars, Dominique de.
La Terre
Arnold, Quinn M., author.
Dittmer, Lori, author.
En route! : 120 véhicules à découvrir
Van de Wiele, Agnès, adapter
Bird guide of North America : the best birding book for kids from a National Geographic bird expert
Alderfer, Jonathan K., author.
The snow that would not go!
Bogal, Irene, author.
The hidden kingdom
Hecht, Tracey, author.
Andrews, Jesse, author.
Rooster summer
Heidbreder, Robert, author
Alexander, Kwame, author.
The stone girl's story
Durst, Sarah Beth, author.
The Pompeii disaster
Gutman, Dan, author.
You go first
Kelly, Erin Entrada, author.
Peasprout Chen : future legend of skate and sword
Lien, Henry, 1970- author.
Bat and the waiting game
Arnold, Elana K, author.
Olga on déménage!
Gravel, Elise, author.
Journal d'un dégonflé : sauve qui peut!
Kinney, Jeff, author, illustrator.
The day dad joined my soccer team
Fergus, Maureen, author
The bitcoin standard : the decentralized alternative to central banking
Ammous, Saifedean, 1980-
Math hacks : 100 clever ways to help you understand and remember the most important theories
Cochrane, Richard (Richard John), author.
Gehrig & the Babe : the friendship and the feud
Castro, Tony.
Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille, 1796-1875.
Frans Hals
Hals, Frans, 1584-1666.
Boureanu, Radu, 1906-1997.
McLaughlin, James A., author.
Fight no more : stories
Millet, Lydia, 1968- author.
The bookshop of yesterdays
Meyerson, Amy, author.
Ocean light : a psy-changeling trinity novel
Singh, Nalini, 1977- author.
The Bar Harbor retirement home for famous writers (and their muses)
DeFino, Terri-Lynne, author.
The real Michael Swann : a novel
Reardon, Bryan, author.
The 30-Day thyroid reset plan : disarming the 7 hidden triggers that are keeping you sick
Campbell, Becky, author.
Walker, Benedict, author.
Annie Muktuk and Other Stories
Dunning, Norma, author
The secret life of bikers
Langton, Jerry, 1965-.
The ETCH anthology, 2018.
A walk on the tundra
Hainnu, Rebecca.
When we play our drums, they sing! = Tłįcǫ translation : Eye ts'ehxà nid̨è, gedzi ̨ ; Lucy & Lola
Van Camp, Richard.
Anatomy & physiology workbook for dummies
Odya, Erin, author.
The sewing book
Smith, Alison (Alison Victoria), author.
Super sweet dreams
Furlington, Patty
Party time!
Furlington, Patty
We are gathered
Weisman, Jamie, author.
Power of a woman : memoirs of a turbulent life, Eleanor of Aquitaine
Fripp, Robert.
Jack-Jack attack
Andrews, Mark.
How to be a princess
Fliess, Sue.
A sister in my house
Olsson, Linda.
The cows
O'Porter, Dawn.
Family trip
Truck full of ducks
Burach, Ross, author.
Ocean meets sky
Fan, Terry.
My pet wants a pet
Broach, Elise, author.
The T-rex who lost his specs!
Willis, Jeanne, author.
All the animals where I live
Stead, Philip Christian, author, illustrator.
She persisted around the world : 13 women who changed history
Clinton, Chelsea, author.
Pet this book
Young, Jessica (Jessica E.), author.
I am Harriet Tubman
Meltzer, Brad, author.
I'm a duck
Bunting, Eve, 1928- author.
Strega Nona's magic ring
DePaola, Tomie, 1934- author illustrator.
Dog on a digger
Prendergast, Kate, author, illustrator.
Can somebody please scratch my back?
John, Jory, author.
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse.
Dad by my side
Soosh, author, illustrator.
In a small kingdom
DePaola, Tomie, 1934- author.
Amity and Prosperity : a story of energy in two American towns
Griswold, Eliza, 1973- author.
A million ways to die in the west
MacFarlane, Seth.
Smoke and mirrors : short fictions and illusions
Gaiman, Neil.
Disaster and resistance : comics and landscapes for the 21st century
Tobocman, Seth.
Fire making : the forgotten art of conjuring flame with spark, tinder, and skill
Hume, Daniel, author.
Like a mother : a feminist journey through the science and culture of pregnancy
Garbes, Angela, author.
In praise of wasting time
Lightman, Alan P., 1948- author.
A journey into yin yoga
Eliot, Travis, 1977- author.
Canine body language : a photographic guide : interpreting the native language of the domestic dog
Aloff, Brenda.
The sword of justice
Persson, Leif G. W., author
Pocket Amsterdam
Le Nevez, Catherine, author.
Fodor's essential Switzerland
DiNaro, Kelly, author.
Littman, Margaret, author.
Smith, Scott, author
Walker, Benedict, author.
Le Nevez, Catherine, author.
Moon handbooks. Blue Ridge Parkway road trip
Frye, Jason, author.
USA : top sights, authentic experiences
Zimmerman, Karla, author.
Ireland : top sights, authentic experiences
Wilson, Neil, 1959- author.
California : top sights, authentic experiences
Cavalieri, Nate, author.
The world as it is : a memoir of the Obama White House
Rhodes, Benjamin J., 1977- author.
Goodbye, sweet girl : a story of domestic violence and survival
Sundberg, Kelly, 1977- author.
Essential poker math : fundamental no limit holdem mathematics you need to know
Hardin, Alton.
Little big love
Regan, Katy, author.
The Mighty Captain Marvel, volume 3 : dark origins
Stohl, Margaret.
Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur and the sand castle contest
Hale, Bruce.
Pinkalicious and the pirates
Kann, Victoria.
Han on the run
Davies, Beth.
Train ride fun!
Testa, Maggie.
Drac's in love!
Spinner, Cala.
Escape from school
Busse, R. R.
I am helpful
Capozzi, Suzy.
I am smart
Capozzi, Suzy.
Mouse loves summer
Thompson, Lauren.
The Berenstain Bears visit Grizzlyland
Berenstain, Mike.
The best of Archie Americana : silver age
Star Wars : lost stars, volume 1
Gray, Claudia.
The book of M
Shepherd, Peng, author.
Still lives : a novel
Hummel, Maria, author.
The kiss quotient
Hoang, Helen, author.
Bad guy blizzard
Hotel Transylvania 3, summer vacation : movie novelization
Deutsch, Stacia
Seasteading : how floating nations will restore the environment, enrich the poor, cure the sick, and liberate humanity from politicians
Quirk, Joe, author.
Out of thin air : a true story of impossible murder in Iceland
Adeane, Anthony, author.
After I've gone
Green, Linda.
The big alpha in town
Langlais, Eve.
You never forget your first Earl
Quinn, Ella.
The root of all rage
Perplies, Bernd.
London rules
Herron, Mick, author.
No good alternative
Vollmann, William T, author.
The Black Wolves of Boston
Spencer, Wen
Heron's Landing
Ross, Joann
Bleeding darkness
Chapman, Brenda, 1955-, author.
Never too late
Thayne, RaeAnne
Lying in wait : a novel
Nugent, Liz, author.
Junior comic books -- Lot No. BU71.
Red card : how the U.S. blew the whistle on the world's biggest sports scandal
Bensinger, Ken, author.
Gigged : the end of the job and the future of work
Kessler, Sarah, author.
The book of Essie
Weir, Meghan MacLean, author.
Splinter in the blood : a novel
Dyer, Ashley, author.
The Removes
Soli, Tatjana, author.
Baby loves coding!
Dinner for dinos.
Dive in, lend a fin!
Feminist Baby finds her voice!
Hello, hello, alphabet train!
My daddy.
Whose boat?
Will bear share?
Will sheep sleep?
Huggy the Python hugs too hard.
Unstoppable me.
Doctor Who, the twelfth doctor; ghost stories
Mann, George.
My fangtastically evil vampire pet
O'Hara, Mo, author.
Monster cruise!
Burton, Jesse.
This makes me angy
Carbone, Courtney
Cooking with Sam-I-Am
Carbone, Courtney
Carey, Jacqueline, 1964- author.
A taste for vengeance
Walker, Martin, 1947 January 23- author.
Power plates : 100 nutritionally balanced, one-dish vegan meals
Hamshaw, Gena, author.
The case for miracles : a journalist investigates evidence for the supernatural
Strobel, Lee, 1952- author.
Tabata workout handbook. Volume 2 : 100 all-new, high intensity interval training workouts
Volkmar, Michael, author.
Unfuck your brain : using science to get over anxiety, depression, anger, freak-outs, and triggers
Harper, Faith G., author.
Rose Murray's comfortable kitchen cookbook : easy, feel-good food for family and friends.
Murray, Rose, 1941- author
The good son
Chŏng, Yu-jŏng, 1966- author.
Chicken soup for the soul : the miracle of love ; 101 stories about hope, soul mates and new beginnings
Newmark, Amy, author.
Practical ayurveda
Insight : the surprising truth about how others see us, how we see ourselves, and why the answers matter more than we think
Eurich, Tasha, author
Ambulance girls under fire
Burrows, Deborah, 1959- author
The long sunset
McDevitt, Jack, author.
Hot and badgered
Laurenston, Shelly, author
The circadian code : lose weight, supercharge your energy, and transform your health from morning to midnight
Panda, Satchin, author.
Tell me lies : a novel
Lovering, Carola, author.
It started in June
Kietzman, Susan
Ill will
Stewart, Michael
The way you make me feel
Goo, Maurene, author.
Social intercourse
Howard, Greg, author.
Wild blues
Kephart, Beth, author.
The universe is expanding and so am I
Mackler, Carolyn, author.
Worlds apart
Riley, James, 1977- author.
Follow the money!
Leedy, Loreen.
Back from the brink
Castaldo, Nancy F. (Nancy Fusco), 1962- author.
Smoke in the sun
Ahdieh, Renée, author.
Ageless beauty the French way : secrets from three generations of French beauty editors
Von Mueffling, Clémence, author.
A place for us : a novel
Mirza, Fatima Farheen, 1991-, author.
What's wrong with US? : a coach's blunt take on the state of American soccer after a lifetime on the touchline
Arena, Bruce, 1951- author.
House, Silas, 1971- author.
The secret life of cows
Young, Rosamund, author.
Low Chicago
A study in treason
Goldberg, Leonard S, author.
The madonna of the mountains : a novel
Valmorbida, Elise, author.
Evolutions : fifteen myths that explain our world
Harman, Oren Solomon, author.
The woman in the woods
Connolly, John, 1968- author.
Life in the garden
Lively, Penelope, 1933- author.
One-piece knits : essential designs in multiple sizes and gauges for sweaters knit top down, side over, and back to front
Hubert, Margaret, author.
The type 1 diabetes self-care manual
Wood, Jamie (Pediatric endocrinologist), author.
Just let me look at you : on fatherhood
Gaston, Bill, 1953-
Meditation : coming to know your mind
Pistono, Matteo.
Must love babies
Austin, Lynnette.
Cowboy SEAL redemption
Helm, Nicole.
I flipping love you
Hunting, Helena.
Confessions of a red herring
Dratch, Dana.
Ayesha at last : a novel
Jalaluddin, Uzma, author
The Moscow deception
Robards, Karen, author.
Island of the mad : a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes
King, Laurie R, author.
Jar of hearts
Hillier, Jennifer, author.
The Verdun affair : a novel
Dybek, Nick, author.
Tom Clancy line of sight
Maden, Mike, author.
Harry's trees : a novel
Cohen, Jon, author
The pharaoh key
Preston, Douglas J, author.
The life Lucy knew
Brown, Karma, author.
Natural disasters
Westcott, Jim, author.
We use tools all day
Ball, Jacqueline A., author.
What makes a building strong?
Ball, Jacqueline A., author.
Hooked on you
Meader, Kate.
The gunslinger's vow
Sandas, Amy.
When I'm with you
Hill, Donna.
White fang
London, Jack, 1876-1916.
Madison's new buddy
Velasquez, Crystal, author.
Wither War. Book one : a Far Lands adventure : an unnoficial Minecrafter's adventure.
Cheverton, Mark, author.
Let's explore the stars
Moon, Walt K., author.
My morning routine : how successful people start every day inspired
Spall, Benjamin, author.
Struggling with my soul
Rich, George, 1962- author
The divide : global inequality from conquest to free markets
Hickel, Jason, 1982- author.
Singular stars : Judy Martin's book of lone star quilts.
Martin, Judy, author.
The decorated garden : 25 craft projects for your outdoor space
Schneebeli-Morrell, Deborah, author.
The amateurs
Harmer, Elizabeth, author
The Gilda stories
Gomez, Jewelle, 1948- author.
Dead pretty
Mark, David John, 1977- author.
Beyond the pale
O'Donohue, Clare, author.
Bertie plays the blues : a 44 Scotland Street novel
McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- author.
Beijing comrades
Beitong, author
Donnelly, Lara Elena, 1990- author.
Earth's scary animals
Sirota, Lyn A., 1963- author.
Native peoples of the Subarctic
Kallen, Stuart A., 1955- author.
Native peoples of the Arctic
Kallen, Stuart A., 1955- author.
The Lewis man : the lewis trilogy
May, Peter, 1951- author.
Donald J. Trump : a president like no other
Black, Conrad, author.
The Greek Escape
Swan, Karen.
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Harlequin love inspired june 2018 box set 2 of 2
Kastner, Debra
Harlequin love inspired suspense june 2018 box set 2 of 2
Eason, Lynette.
Harlequin love inspired suspense june 2018 box set 1 of 2
Mentink, Dana.
Scandal above stairs
Ashley, Jennifer, author.
Beach house reunion
Monroe, Mary Alice, author.
An ocean of minutes
Lim, Thea, 1981- author.
The life lucy knew
Brown, Karma.
Island of the Mad.
King, Laurie R.
Harlequin love inspired june 2018 box set 1 of 2
Brown, Jo Ann.
Love inspired historical june 2018 box set romancing the runaway bride\a cowboy of convenience\orphan train sweetheart\handpicked family
Kirst, Karen.
I've been meaning to tell you : a letter to my daughter
Chariandy, David, 1969-, author.
Cusk, Rachel, 1967- author.
The president is missing
Clinton, Bill, 1946- author.
The blood road
MacBride, Stuart, author.
By invitation only : a novel
Frank, Dorothea Benton, author.
Sedaris, David, author.
How to change your mind : what the new science of psychedelics teaches us about consciousness, dying, addiction, depression, and transcendence
Pollan, Michael, author.
How to walk away : a novel
Center, Katherine, author.
The hellfire club
Tapper, Jake, author.
The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs : A New History of a Lost World
Brusatte, Stephen, author.
Sister of mine : a novel
Petrou, Laurie, 1976- author.
Not that bad : dispatches from rape culture
The restless wave : good times, just causes, great fights and other appreciations
McCain, John, 1936- author.
A casualty of war
Todd, Charles, author.
Spook Street.
Herron, Mick.
The Piper
Todd, Charles, author.
Let my people go surfing : the education of a reluctant businessman : including 10 more years of business unusual
Chouinard, Yvon, 1938- author.
Secret sister : from Nazi-occupied Jersey to wartime London, one woman's search for the truth
Durbin, Cherry, author.
The blackhouse : a novel
May, Peter, 1951- author.
The chessmen : the Lewis trilogy
May, Peter, 1951- author.
Real tigers
Herron, Mick.
The complete Patrick Melrose novels
St. Aubyn, Edward, 1960- author.
Their eyes were watching God
Hurston, Zora Neale. author.
Dead lions
Herron, Mick.
Slow horses
Herron, Mick.
Arnold, Quinn M., author.
Riggs, Kate, author.
Arnold, Quinn M., author.
Riggs, Kate, author.
Dittmer, Lori, author.
Arnold, Quinn M., author.
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Zamboni ice resurfacers
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Savanna food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Coral reef food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Forest food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Freshwater food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Arnold, Quinn M., author.
Riggs, Kate, author.
Fool for Love
Force, Marie.
Navy grooms
Macomber, Debbie.
How to forget a Duke
Lorret, Vivienne.
A touch of flame
Goodman, Jo.
Anna's return
Perry, Marta.
Dying scream
Burton, Mary.
Grant, Donna.
The U.P. trail and The call of the canyon
Grey, Zane.
Jelly bean summer
Magnin, Joyce.
Too Wilde to wed
James, Eloisa, author.
Frenemies : the epic disruption of the ad business (and everything else)
Auletta, Ken, author.
Hart, Joe (Novelist), author.
Death of a She Devil
Weldon, Fay, author.
Sharpe's eagle : Richard Sharpe and the Talavera campaign July 1809
Cornwell, Bernard.
Egan, Greg, 1961- author.
Sea power : the history and geopolitics of the world's oceans
Stavridis, James author.
Madman walking
Robertson, L. F., author.
Medusa uploaded
Devenport, Emily, author.
Stranded with the rancher
Winters, Rebecca.
Lone star father
Thomas, Marin
The Texas cowboy's triplets
Thacker, Cathy Gillen
Reflection : a twisted tale
Lim, Elizabeth, author.
Jazz owls : a novel of the Zoot Suit Riots
Engle, Margarita, author.
The key to everything
Schmatz, Pat, author.
City of bastards
Shvarts, Andrew, author.
My name is Victoria
Worsley, Lucy, author.
Anger is a gift
Oshiro, Mark, author.
Little do we know
Stone, Tamara Ireland, author.
The murderer's ape
Wegelius, Jakob, author, illustrator.
The weaver
Shi, Qian (Animation director), author.
Hedge hog!
Anstee, Ashlyn, author
My teacher's not here!
Button, Lana, 1968-
Ladybug Girl and the rescue dogs
Soman, David, author.
Outback food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Mountain food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
The Trumpet of Terror
Goodman, Deborah Lerme
The Throne of Zeus
Goodman, Deborah Lerme
Beach day.
The little school bus.
10 little ninjas.
Ten little fingers, two small hands.
Insatiable machine
Robertson, Zoë, 1980- author
How far she's come : a novel
Brown, Holly, 1974- author.
Unlearn : 101 simple truths for a better life
Singh, Kanwer, author.
Meal prep your way to weight loss : 28 days to a fitter, healthier you
Sharp, Nikki, author.
Cult X
Nakamura, Fuminori, 1977- author.
The case of the missing men
Bertin, Kris, author
Seriously good freezer meals : 150 easy recipes to save your time, money & sanity
Truman, Karrie, 1976- author
Origen : una novela
Brown, Dan, 1964- author.
DNA for genealogists
Farmer, Kerry, author
This is how it begins : a novel
Dempsey, Joan, author.
School for psychics
Archer, K. C., author
The complete short stories
Spark, Muriel, author
Annie Pootoogook : cutting ice = Ini Putugu : tukisitittisimavuq takusinnggittunik
Campbell, Nancy, 1965- author
Ambulance girls
Burrows, Deborah, 1959- author
Things to do when you're goth in the country
Woods, Chavisa, author.
The year of needy girls
Smith, Patricia A., author.
A life of my own
Tomalin, Claire, author
Hiraeth : poems
Daniels, Carol, 1963- author
Night shift : a choose-your-own erotic fantasy
Angel, Joanna, author
Outside is the ocean
Lansburgh, Matthew, author.
Paul takes the form of a mortal girl : a novel
Lawlor, Andrea, author.
Djavadi, Négar, 1969- author.
The pharaoh's daughter
Andrews, Mesu, 1963- author
Savage liberty : a mystery of revolutionary America
Pattison, Eliot, author.
A History of Video Games in 64 Objects
World Video Game Hall of Fame (COR)
I'm sorry... love, your husband : honest, hilarious stories from a father of three who made all the mistakes (and made up for them)
Edwards, Clint, author.
The animal lover's guide to changing the world : practical advice and everyday actions for a more sustainable, humane, and compassionate planet
Feldstein, Stephanie, author
Web coding & development all-in-one
McFedries, Paul, author.
Unity in action : multiplatform game development in C#
Hocking, Joseph, 1979- author.
Modern API Design with ASP.NET Core 2 : building cross-platform back-end systems
Reynders, Fanie, author
Cracking the GED test
The 49th mystic
Dekker, Ted, 1962- author.
A tiding of magpies
Burrows, Steve, author
The rough guide to Germany
Beattie, Andrew, author.
New England
Smith, Jen Rose, author.
Southeast Asia.
Briggs, Philip, author.
Rick Steves' Switzerland.
Steves, Rick, 1955- author.
The rough guide to the Greek Islands
Edwards, Nick (Travel writer), author.
The rough guide to Greece
Edwards, Nick (Travel writer), author.
Windows 10 for dummies
Rathbone, Andy, author.
Windows 10 for seniors for dummies
Weverka, Peter, author.
Elliot, Mark, author.
Sainsbury, Brendan, author.
Great Britain
The old king in his exile : a memoir
Geiger, Arno, 1968- author.
Fodor's the complete guide to African safaris
Baranowski, Claire, author.
Top 10 Crete
Gauldie, Robin, author.
TimeOut. Venice
Marshall, Clara, author.
Tuscany & Umbria
Jepson, Tim, author.
Podcasting for dummies
Morris, Tee, author.
The essential retirement guide : a contrarian's perspective
Vettese, Fred, 1953- author
I've been meaning to tell you : a letter to my daughter
Chariandy, David John, 1969- author
Kisiskâciwan : Indigenous voices from where the river flows swiftly
Runaway wives and rogue feminists : the origins of the women's shelter movement in Canada
Goodhand, Margo, author.
Love beyond body, space, and time : an Indigenous LGBT sci-fi anthology
Drawdown : the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming
The princess saves herself in this one
Lovelace, Amanda, author.
Unfu*k yourself : get out of your head and into your life
Bishop, Gary John, author.
Can I let you go? : a heartbreaking true story of love, loss and moving on
Glass, Cathy, author.
Growing pains : the future of democracy (and work)
Dyer, Gwynne, author
Ship it
Lundin, Britta, author.
Bought the farm
Cochran, Peg.
Sin and bone
Webb, Debra.
Stranded with the Detective
Diaz, Lena.
Two dauntless hearts
James, Elle.
Black Rock guardian
Kernan, Jenna.
Her fresh start family
Beatty, Lorraine.
The Amish suitor
Brown, Jo Ann.
Texas grit
Han, Barb.
Cease fire
Crouch, Janie.
Lou Lou & Pea and the mural mystery
Diamond, Jill
All night with the cowboy
Lane, Soraya.
It's all about the duke
Grey, Amelia.
Sin and bone
Webb, Debra.
And Cowboy makes three
Kastner, Deb.
Falling for the rebel cowboy
Collins, Allison B.
His surprise son
Pleiter, Allie.
Reunited with the Bull Rider
Kemerer, Jill.
The Firefighter's twins
McCahan, Heidi.
The third door : the wild quest to uncover how the world's most successful people launched their careers
Banayan, Alex, author.
Murder, Lies, and Cover-Ups : Who Killed Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Princess Diana?
Gardner, David
The ever after : a novel
Pekkanen, Sarah, author.
The shipwreck hunter : a lifetime of extraordinary discoveries on the ocean floor
Mearns, David L, author.
Theh image of you
Parks, Adele
Good Friday
La Plante, Lynda, author.
Only your touch
Anderson, Catherine.
Evil never sleeps
Johnstone, WIlliam W.
The devil to pay
Johnstone, William W.
Dead and buried
Bryant, Tim.
Beyond the sea : an event group thriller
Golemon, David L.
Band of angels : a novel
Gregson, Julia.
Jasmine nights
Gregson, Julia.
The Avengers : everybody wants to rule the world
Abnett, Dan.
Someday, somewhere
Champion, Lindsay.
My life as a Youtuber
Tashjian, Janet.
The Fire Court
Taylor, Andrew, 1951 October 14- author
The China study cookbook
Campbell, LeAnne, author.
Invitation to a bonfire : a novel
Celt, Adrienne, author.
Social creature : a novel
Burton, Tara Isabella, author.
Garfield eats and runs
Davis, Jim.
Spirit week showdown
Tharp, Jason.
Canadian survival
Szpirglas, Jeff.
Adventure on Treasure Island
Lane, Jeanette.
Thea Stilton and the Niagara splash
Stilton, Thea.
Journey to the Livewood
Quill, Penumbra.
Dragon's green
Thomas, Scarlett.
His heir, her secret
Maynard, Janice.
Billionaire's bargain
Child, Maureen.
One unforgetable weekend
Laurence, Andrea.
Reunion with benefits
Dimon, HelenKay.
Billionaire's bride for revenge
Smart, Michelle.
The Sheikh's shock child
Stephens, Susan.
The Tycoon's scandalous proposition
Lee, Miranda.
A diamond deal with her boss
Williams, Cathy.
Mothers : an essay on love and cruelty
Rose, Jacqueline, author.
The language of kindness : a nurse's story
Watson, Christie, author.
Crucible of faith : the ancient revolution that made our modern religious world
Jenkins, Philip, 1952- author.
The beekeeper : rescuing the stolen women of Iraq
Mīkhāʼīl, Dunyā, 1965- author.
In conclusion, don't worry about it
Graham, Lauren, 1967- author.
And now we have everything : on motherhood before I was ready
O'Connell, Meaghan, author.
Da Rocha's convenient heir
Graham, Lynne.
Tangled vows
Lindsay, Yvonne.
Claiming his pregnant innocent
Cox, Maggie.
Kidnapped for his royal duty
Porter, Jane.
Blackmailed by the Greek's vows
Pammi, Tara.
The nanny proposal
Wood, Joss.
Galaxy girls : 50 amazing stories of women in space
Jackson, Libby, author.
Broken places
Clark, Tracy P., 1961- author.
Magnolia table : a collection of recipes for gathering
Gaines, Joanna, 1978- author.
Fix-it and forget-it slow cooker crowd pleasers for the American summer : 150 favorite recipes for potlucks, parties, and family gatherings
Comerford, Hope, author.
New favorites for new cooks : 50 delicious recipes for kids to make
Federman, Carolyn, author.
Knit your story in yarn : how to design and knit an heirloom quilt, shawl, bag, and more
Hardwicke, Dee, author.
Lethal passage : the story of a gun
Larson, Erik, 1954-
Organization hacks : over 350 simple solutions to organize your home in no time!
Higgins, Carrie, author.
The pesto cookbook : 116 recipes for creative herb combinations and dishes bursting with flavor
Woodier, Olwen, 1942- author.
The vintage baker : 60 recipes from butterscotch curls to sour cream jumbles
Sheehan, Jessie, author.
Bullshit jobs
Graeber, David, author.
Milk! : a 10,000-year food fracas
Kurlansky, Mark, author.
Collected poems
Strand, Mark, 1934-2014.
Crime & punctuation
Dunnett, Kaitlyn, author.
The patchwork bride
Dallas, Sandra, author.
Brief cases : more stories from the Dresden files
Butcher, Jim, 1971- author.
The prince
Ashe, Katharine.
First time at Firelight Falls
Long, Julie Anne.
What happens in summer
Pineiro, Caridad.
Shadow keeper
Feehan, Christine.
Murder with cinnamon scones
Smith, Karen Rose.
Laird of the Black Isle
Quinn, Paula.
Cowboy bold
Brown, Carolyn.
Loose cannon
Bell, Sidney.
Unmasked by the Marquess
Sebastian, Cat.
Roped in
Arthur, A.M.
A passion for haunted fashion
Pressey, Rose.
See also proof
Sweazy, Larry D.
Night-gaunts and other tales of suspense
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- author.
Against the Light : An Irish Nationalist Mystery Set in Edwardian London
Eccles, Marjorie
The firefighter's twins
McCahan, Heidi
The Amish suitor
Brown, Jo Ann
Her fresh start family
Beatty, Lorraine
And cowboy makes three
Kastner, Deb
His surprise son
Pleiter, Allie
Reunited with the bull rider
Kemerer, Jill
There there
Orange, Tommy, 1982- author.
The hills have spies
Lackey, Mercedes, author.
Die by the Gun
Johnstone, William W./ Johnstone, J. A.
The memory of fire
Bates, Callie, author.
Groff, Lauren, author.
First in line : presidents, vice presidents, and the pursuit of power
Brower, Kate Andersen, author.
Reporter : a memoir
Hersh, Seymour M, author.
Mother American night: my life and crazy times
Barlow, John Perry, 1947-2018, author.
The seasonaires
King Kalichman, Janna, author.
Sex and the city and us : how four single women changed the way we think, live, and love
Armstrong, Jennifer Keishin, author.
Your dad stole my rake and other family dilemmas
Papa, Tom, author.
Somebody I used to know : a memoir
Mitchell, Wendy (Wendy P.), author.
The third bank of the river : power and survival in the twenty-first-century Amazon
Arnold, Chris Feliciano, 1981- author.
Autumn in Venice : Ernest Hemingway and his last muse
Di Robilant, Andrea, 1957- author.
Johnson, Caleb (Caleb Rick), author.
Wait, blink : a perfect picture of inner life
Øyehaug, Gunnhild, 1975- author.
The lost family
Blum, Jenna, author.
9 rules of engagement : a military brat's guide to life and success
Faulkner, Harris, 1965- author.
Rough beauty : forty seasons of mountain living
Auvinen, Karen, author.
Visible empire
Pittard, Hannah, author.
Wood, James, 1965- author.
Death notice : a novel
Zhou, Haohui, 1977- author.
Päntsdrunk : (Kalsarikänni) : the Finnish path to relaxation (drinking at home alone in your underwear)
Rantanen, Miska, author.
Small country : a novel
Faye, Gaël, 1982- author.
Mem : a novel
Morrow, Bethany C., author.
Black Klansman : race, hate, and the undercover investigation of a lifetime
Stallworth, Ron, author
A people's history of the vampire uprising
Villareal, Raymond A., author.
Knitted tanks & tunics : 21 crisp, cool designs for sleeveless tops
Hahn, Angela, author.
Ruby Starr; the fantastic library rescue and other major plot twists
Lytton, Deborah.
Scooby-doo! Team-up, Volume 5
Fisch, Sholly.
Luciana : out of this world
Teagan, Erin.
Archie giant comics surprise
Lincoln's last trial : the murder case that propelled him to the presidency
Abrams, Dan, 1966- author.
The comeback : Greg Lemond, thirty-odd shotgun pellets, and the world's greatest bicycle race
De Visé, Daniel, author.
The captives : a novel
Immergut, Debra Jo, author.
Something in the water : a novel
Steadman, Catherine, author.
Cusk, Rachel, 1967- author.
The diva cooks up a storm
Davis, Krista, author.
What truth sounds like : Robert F. Kennedy, James Baldwin, and our unfinished conversation about race in America
Dyson, Michael Eric, author.
Us against you : a novel
Backman, Fredrik, 1981- author.
The weather detective : rediscovering nature's secret signs
Wohlleben, Peter, 1964- author.
Young Hitler : the making of the Führer
Ham, Paul, author.
Radiant quilts : a scrap quilt book
Campbell, Elise M., author.
A long way from home : how many heartbreaks can a little girl take?
Glass, Cathy, author.
The soul of America : the battle for our better angels
Meacham, Jon, author.
Move fast and break things : how Facebook, Google, and Amazon cornered culture and undermined democracy
Taplin, Jonathan T., author.
High vibrational beauty : recipes and rituals for radical self care
Pamer, Kerrilynn, author.
The art of naming
Ohl, Michael, author.
The Canada-Israel nexus
Walberg, Eric, author.
Foods to fight cancer : essential foods to help prevent cancer
Béliveau, Richard, 1953- author.
Miller, Rowenna, author.
Things I never told you
Vogt, Beth K, author.
Savor you : a fusion novel
Proby, Kristen, author.
Wrath of empire
McClellan, Brian, 1986- author.
Ada Lace, take me to your leader
Calandrelli, Emily
Gros dodo
Tankard, Jeremy, author, illustrator.
The moon is up
Tamaki, Mariko.
Love & war : an Alex & Eliza story
De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- author.
The town of Turtle
Cuevas, Michelle, author.
I got a chicken for my birthday
Gehl, Laura, author.
Someone farted
Kaplan, Bruce Eric, author.
Albert's tree
Desmond, Jenni, author.
The magician's secret
Hyman, Zachary, 1992- author
That fruit is mine!
Allepuz, Anuska, 1979- author, illustrator.
Niko draws a feeling
Raczka, Bob.
What if...
Berger, Samantha, author.
What's cooking, Moo Moo?
Miller, Tim, 1972- author, illustrator.
Yoga storytime : breathe, stretch, be calm
Raventós, Míriam, 1964- author.
Who will bell the cat?
McKissack, Pat, 1944-2017, author.
If I didn't have you
Katz, Alan, author.
Busy-eyed day
Pace, Anne Marie, author.
A most unusual day
Mallery, Sydra, author.
Friends stick together
Harrison, Hannah E, author, illustrator.
Pancakes in pajamas
Asch, Frank, author, illustrator.
The secret token : myth, obsession, and the search for the lost colony of Roanoke
Lawler, Andrew, author.
Waterfalls of Ontario
Harris, Mark, 1970- author
20-minute whittling projects : fun things to carve from wood
Hindes, Tom, author.
Dead girls
Cameron, Graeme, author.
The boy on the beach : my family's escape from Syria and our hope for a new home
Kurdi, Tima, author
Girl on fire
Parsons, Tony, 1953- author
Last shot
Older, Daniel José, author.
Invisible : how young women with serious health issues navigate work, relationships, and the pressure to seem just fine
Hirsch, Michele Lent, author.
Beyond soap : the real truth about what you are doing to your skin and how to fix it for a beautiful, healthy glow
Skotnicki, Sandy, author.
Tie-dye disaster
Maker, Martha.
The star fox
Harrison, Paula.
Gabby the bubble gum fairy
Meadows, Daisy.
Franny the jelly bean fairy
Meadows, Daisy.
Shelley the sugar fairy
Meadows, Daisy.
Dolphin summer
Hapka, Catherine.
My deal with the universe
Kerbel, Deborah.
Fairy chase
Dadey, Debbie.
Mouselets in danger
Stilton, Thea.
Dance challenge
Stilton, Thea.
When it's real
Watt, Erin.
A kingdom rises
Rinehart, J.D.
The legacy chronicles : trial by fire
Lore, Pittacus.
Pregnant at 17
Conradt, Christine.
A little piece of light : a memoir of hope, prison, and a life unbound
Hylton, Donna, author.
Rising in flames : Sherman's March and the fight for a new nation
Dickey, Jeff, author.
The traveling feast : on the road and at the table with my heroes
Bass, Rick, 1958- author.
Robert F. Kennedy : ripples of hope : Kerry Kennedy in conversation with heads of state, business leaders, influencers, and activists about her father's impact on their lives
Kennedy, Kerry, author.
Trump's America : the truth about our nation's great comeback
Gingrich, Newt, author.
The devil's half mile
Hirsch, Paddy, author.
Tinderbox : the untold story of the Up Stairs Lounge fire and the rise of gay liberation
Fieseler, Robert W., author.
Bruce Lee : a life
Polly, Matthew.
My girls : a lifetime with Carrie and Debbie
Fisher, Todd, author.
Woods, Stuart, author
Chasing the wind : a novel
Humphreys, C. C. (Chris C.), author
When life gives you Lululemons : a novel
Weisberger, Lauren, 1977- author
Sailing lessons : a novel
McKinnon, Hannah Roberts.
The Moscow offensive : a novel
Brown, Dale, 1956- author.
How hard can it be?
Pearson, Allison, 1960- author.
Dreams of falling
White, Karen (Karen S.), author
The word is murder : a novel
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955- author.
Her seven-day fiance
Harlen, Brenda.
Cease fire
Crouch, Janie.
Black Rock guardian
Kernan, Jenna.
Seduced by the badge
Mello, Deborah Fletcher.
Texas grit
Han, Barb.
The bounty hunter's baby surprise
Childs, Lisa.
The Colton cowboy
Cassidy, Carla.
Hometown detective
Morey, Jennifer.
Zoe is on the air
Hutton, Clare, author.
Under pressure
Morgan, Alex.
The thunderbolt pony
Gregg, Stacy.
Marry me, Major
Lovelace, Merline.
Fortune's homecoming
Leigh, Allison.
The ballerina's secret
Wilson, Teri.
Coming home to Crimson
Major, Michelle.
The Maverick's bridal bargain
Jeffries, Christy.
Miles, Ellen.
Battle for the zephyr badge
Johnson, Jennifer.
The thirteenth knight
Quinn, Jordan.
The hall monitors are fired!
Chabert, Jack.
The chikorita challenge
West, Tracey.
Prepare for trouble
West, Tracey.
The emperor's riddle
Zhang, Kat.
The treasure trap
Scott, Lisa Ann.
Perfectly popular
Scott, Lisa Ann.
Fairies forever
Scott, Lisa Ann.
The last summer of the Garrett girls
Spotswood, Jessica.
Stone mad
Bear, Elizabeth, author.
The zoo
Wilson, Christopher P., author
Phoebe's light
Fisher, Suzanne Woods, author.
The ultimate pet health guide : breakthrough nutrition and integrative care for dogs and cats
Richter, Gary, 1970- author.
What to feed your baby & toddler : a month-by-month guide to support your child's health & development
Avena, Nicole M., 1978- author.
Big book of weekend beading
Self leadership and the one minute manager : gain the mindset and skillset for getting what you need to succeed
Blanchard, Kenneth H., author.
The grown-up's guide to teenage humans : how to decode their behavior, develop unshakable trust, and raise a respectable adult
Shipp, Josh, author.
Proud to be Métis
Bouchard, David, 1952- author.
The Mandela plot
Bonert, Kenneth, author.
Field of valor : a thriller
Betley, Matthew, author.
CultureShock! Dubai : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
Asher, Leena, author.
Daily spellbook for the good witch : quick, simple, and practical magic for every day of the year
Wigington, Patti, author.
The president is missing : a novel
Clinton, Bill, 1946- author.
100 things to know about history
Cowan, Laura, author.
Animaux du Canada
Korman, Gordon.
Incredibles 2 : the official guide
Jones, Matt (Editor), author.
The creature of the pines
Gidwitz, Adam, author.
The little ice cream truck
Cuyler, Margery, author.
The two Mutch sisters
Brendler, Carol, author.
A day in the life of Marlon Bundo
Bundo, Marlon (Rabbit), author.
Sociology matters
Schaefer, Richard T.
Reading sociology : Canadian perspectives
The gendered society
Kimmel, Michael S.
Seeing ourselves : classic, contemporary, and cross-cultural readings in sociology
Open boundaries : a Canadian women's studies reader
How to grill everything : simple recipes for great flame-cooked food
Bittman, Mark, author.
Age in place : a guide to modifying, organizing and decluttering mom and dad's home keep them safe, keep you sane
Shrager, Lynda G., author.
Animal homes
Evans, Shira.
Evans, Shira.
Blowing in the wind
Making the band
Barbo, Maria S.
Rock Man vs. Weather Man
Brooke, Samantha.
Chicken on vacation
Lehrhaupt, Adam.
Long, Ethan.
Amelia Bedelia gets a break
Parish, Herman.
Dinosaur disaster!
Rusu, Meredith.
Horse in the house
Silverman, Erica.
Jasmine's big idea
Velasquez, Crystal, author.
Too many cats!
Scott, Lisa Ann.
The worst fairy godmother ever!
Aronson, Sarah.
Monica the Marshmallow Fairy
Meadows, Daisy.
The star thief
Becker, Lindsey
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Vol. 5
Higgins, Kyle.
Legacy's end
Soule, Charles.
The transformers, Vol. 3 : till all are one
Scott. Mairghread.
Spider-Gwen : gwenom, vol. 5
Latour, Jason.
Life l1k3
Kristoff, Jay.
Driving by Starlight
Deracine, Anat
Ten year stretch
The queen of sorrow
Durst, Sarah Beth, author.
North, Claire, author.
Elements of sociology : a critical Canadian introduction
Steckley, John, 1949-
Lugged bicycle frame construction
Chimonas, Marc-Andre R., author
Lore of nutrition : challenging conventional dietary beliefs
Noakes, Timothy, 1949- author.
Walker, Benedict, author.
A gospel of hope
Brueggemann, Walter, author.
The design and engineering of Curiosity : how the Mars Rover performs its job
Lakdawalla, Emily, author.
I'm still here : black dignity in a world made for whiteness
Brown, Austin Channing, author.
Helping kids with coding
McCue, Camille, author.
Construction of lugged bicycle forks
Chimonas, Marc-Andre R., author
Happy brain : where happiness comes from, and why
Burnett, Dean, author.
The road to dawn : Josiah Henson and the story that sparked the Civil War
Brock, Jared, author.
The underneath : a novel
Finn, Melanie, author.
See you again in Pyongyang : a journey into Kim Jong Un's North Korea
Jeppesen, Travis, 1979- author.
The left behind : decline and rage in rural America
Wuthnow, Robert, author.
The optickal illusion
Halliburton, Rachel, author.
So close to being the sh*t, y'all don't even know
Retta, author.
Some trick : 13 stories
Dewitt, Helen, 1957- author.
War storm
Aveyard, Victoria, author.
Total bravery
Drake, Piper J.
Envision Guelph, the City of Guelph official plan, March 2018 consolidation.
Guelph (Ont.), enacting jurisdiction
Guide to the Canadian family medicine examination
The impressionists
Pickersgill, Howard.
Best before : the evolution and future of processed food
Temple, Nicola, author.
Tuscarora-English/English-Tuscarora dictionary
Rudes, Blair A.
Basic Japanese : learn to speak everyday Japanese in 10 carefully structured lessons
Martin, Samuel E. (Samuel Elmo), 1924-2009, author.
My life so far
Fonda, Jane, 1937-
Onondaga-English/English-Onondaga dictionary
Woodbury, Hanni.
Nishnaabemwin reference grammar
Valentine, Randy, 1951-
Blackfoot dictionary of stems, roots, and affixes
Frantz, Donald G, author.
Oneida-English/English Oneida dictionary
Michelson, Karin.
A reference grammar of the Onondaga language
Woodbury, Hanni, author.
Delaware-English, English-Delaware dictionary
O'Meara, John, 1954-
English-Cayuga/Cayuga-English dictionary = Gayogo̲ho:no̜ʼ/Hnyo̜ʼʼohneha:ʼ Wade̜we̜naga:da:s ohyadohsro̜:dóʼ
Glimpses of Oneida life
Blackfoot grammar
Frantz, Donald G, author.
Sabers and utopías : visions of Latin America
Vargas Llosa, Mario, 1936- author.
Read herring hunt
Burns, V. M.
Becoming the Talbot sisters : a novel
Linden, Rachel.
The ones we choose : a novel
Clark, Julie.
The best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the year : volume twelve
Fury from the tomb
Sidor, S. A.
Hooked carpetbags, handbags & totes : 13 great designs from the experts.
Rug hooking with fancy fibers : sparkle, shine, texture
Dufresne, Gail, author
Designed by you : ideas and inspiration for rug hookers
Pavich, Tamara, author.
Disney Puppy Dog pals : their royal pug-ness
Alien : the cold forge
White, Alex
Dragon Road : a novel of the Drifting Lands
Brassey, Joseph
Miniature terrariums
Still waters : the secret world of lakes
Stager, Curt, author.
Desperately seeking self-improvement : a year inside the optimization movement
Cederström, Carl, 1980- author.
Legendary : a Caraval novel
Garber, Stephanie, author.
David Milne : modern painting
Bennett, Andrea, author.
Banff National Park
Hempstead, Andrew, author.
Davenport, Fionn, author.
Zglinicki, Maciej, author.
Fodor's Vienna & the best of Austria
Freeman, Rob, author.
Jerven, Tareneh Ghajar author.
Explore Copenhagen
Cunningham, Antonia, author.
Gottlieb, Jenna, author.
Peyre, Marie, author
Gindin, Rona, author.
Explorer's guide North Carolina's Outer Banks
Wright, Renee, author.
Windows 10 plain & simple
Muir, Nancy, 1954- author.
Southern Italy
Bonetto, Cristian, author.
Southwest USA
McNaughtan, Hugh, author.
Northern California
Smith, Helena, 1970- author.
Richmond, Simon, author
St Petersburg
St. Louis, Regis, author
Jonny Appleseed : a novel
Whitehead, Joshua, 1989- author.
Operation Medusa : the furious battle that saved Afghanistan from the Taliban
Fraser, David (Major-General), author
Messing with the enemy
Watts, Clint, author.
Pirate boy.
School time adventure
Favorite nursery rhymes!.
How I love you, daddy.
Tinkle, tinkle, little star.
Count my cupcakes 1, 2, 3.
Everyday abc.
Dirty little lies
Leigh, Lora.
Legally hot
Leigh. Lora.
Midnight sins
Leigh, Lora.
Killing Time
Gerard, Cindy.
Feel the heat
Gerard, Cindy.
Last man standing
Gerard, Cindy.
Heat seeker
Leigh, Lora.
Deadly sins
Leigh, Lora.
Leigh, Lora.
Secret sins
Leigh, Lora.
The honeybee
Hall, Kirsten, author.
Girl made of stars
Blake, Ashley Herring, author.
The boy, the bird, & the coffin maker
Woods, Matilda, author.
From Twinkle, with love
Menon, Sandhya, author.
Life inside my mind : 31 authors share their personal struggles
Alma and how she got her name
Martinez-Neal, Juana, author, illustrator.
All of us
Berger, Carin, author, illustrator.
Moonshot. Volume 2 : the indigenous comics collection
Murphy, Julie, 1985- author.
Ice wolves
Kaufman, Amie, author.
Onyx & ivory
Arnett, Mindee, author.
Eeyore finds the Wolery
Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956.
Pooh invents a new game
Milne, A. A.
A house is built at Pooh Corner for Eeyore
Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956.
Tigger comes to the forest and has breakfast
Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956.
A search is organdized
Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956.
Piglet does a very grand thing
Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956.
Tigger is unbounced
Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956.
The tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
Potter, Beatrix, 1866-1943.
The tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse
Potter, Beatrix, 1866-1943.
Planet funny : how comedy took over our culture
Jennings, Ken, 1974- author.
LEGO Harry Potter : characters of the magical world
Richards, Jon, 1970-
The magic of Christmas
Freedman, Claire.
Martin, George R. R, author.
To the moon and back : a novel
Kingsbury, Karen, author
A sin such as this : a novel
Hopkins, Ellen, author.
Blood standard
Barron, Laird, author.
The Dante chamber
Pearl, Matthew, author.
Don't believe it
Donlea, Charlie, author.
The gray ghost
Cussler, Clive, author
Another side of paradise : a novel
Koslow, Sally, author.
The summer I met Jack
Gable, Michelle, author.
Ike and Kay
MacManus, James, author.
Energy : a human history
Rhodes, Richard, 1937- author
Probable claws
Brown, Rita Mae, author.
Arctic gambit
Bond, Larry, author.
Out of the clouds : the unlikely horseman and unwanted colt who conquered the sport of kings
Carroll, Linda, 1956- author.
Fade to black
Graham, Heather, author.
There are no grown-ups : a midlife coming-of-age story
Druckerman, Pamela, author.
Living with the monks : what turning off my phone taught me about happiness, gratitude, and focus
Itzler, Jesse, author.
My kind of Christmas
Dailey, Janet, author.
The power of kindness : the unexpected benefits of leading a compassionate life
Ferrucci, Piero, author.
The honey farm : a novel
Lye, Harriet Alida, author
For those who know the ending
Mackay, Malcolm, 1982- author.
Sins of the Father
Weeks, Stephen, author.
Damaged people
Rozanski, Bonnie, 1948- author
The devil's dice
Watkins, Roz, author
Gods, monsters, and the lucky peach
Robson, Kelly (Science fiction writer), author.
Go-boy! : the true story of a life behind bars
Caron, Roger, 1938-2012.
Crush : the theory, practice, and destructive properties of love
Paulsen, Gary.
Western USA
McNaughtan, Hugh, author.
Los Angeles, San Diego & Southern California
Schulte-Peevers, Andrea, author.
Acadia National Park
Nangle, Hilary, author.
Jewell, Judy, 1957- author.
Pacific Northwest road trip : Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, the Olympic Peninsula, Portland, the Oregon coast & Mount Rainier
Williams, Allison, 1972- author
Victoria & Vancouver Island
Hempstead, Andrew, author.
Fodor's Arizona
Bitler, Teresa, author.
Rick Steves' Great Britain.
Steves, Rick, 1955- author.
Jensen, Jamie, author.
Symington, Martin, author.
Eastern USA
Walker, Benedict, author.
Generation Robot : a century of Science Fiction, Fact, and Speculation
Favro, Terri, author
A secret garden
Fforde, Katie, author
Shelter in place
Roberts, Nora, author
The death of Mrs. Westaway
Ware, Ruth, author.
Sedaris, David, author.
Tailspin : the people and forces behind America's fifty-year fall--and those fighting to reverse it
Brill, Steven, 1950- author.
Dr. E's super stellar solar system : massive mountains! supersize storms! alien atmospheres!
Ehlmann, Bethany.
Star destroyers : big ships blowing things up
Two's a crowd
Ahn, Flora, author.
Intergalactic P.S. 3
L'Engle, Madeleine, author.
Pirate treasure hunt!
Berrios, Frank, author.
Puppies in Paris
Olson, Michael, author.
Tiny, the Calgary Easter Bunny
James, Eric, author
Pinkalicious. Meet Pinkalicious
Kann, Victoria, author
Pinkalicious. Waiting for fairies
Kann, Victoria, author
Pinkalicious. The fantastic machine
Kann, Victoria, author
Pinkalicious. The best present
Kann, Victoria, author
Pinkalicious. Pink rink
Kann, Victoria, author
Pinkalicious. All gone
Kann, Victoria, author
Pinkalicious. Puppy fun
Kann, Victoria, author
Pinkalicious. Playdate
Kann, Victoria, author
Pinkalicious. Night party
Kann, Victoria, author
Pinkalicious. Tea and treats
Kann, Victoria, author
Pinkalicious. Joke show
Kann, Victoria, author
Pinkalicious. Unicorns rule
Kann, Victoria, author
Wordy birdy
Sauer, Tammi, author.
Perseverance : the seven skills you need to survive, thrive and accomplish more than you ever imagined
Hague, Tim, author.
Leach, Nicky, author
Top 10 Sicily
Trigiani, Elaine, author.
Top 10 Scotland
Scott, Alastair, 1954- author.
Learning Canadian criminal law
Stuart, Don, 1943- author.
PHP, MYSQL, & JavaScript all-in-one for dummies
Blum, Richard, 1962- author
The library : a catalogue of wonders
Kells, Stuart, author.
Donald J. Trump : a president like no other
Black, Conrad, author.
I am a puppy.
Terra nova
Arbuthnott, Shane.
The bombs that brought us together
Conaghan, Brian, 1971-
Panic room
Goddard, Robert.
The night dahlia
Belcher, R.S.
I am a kitten.
Toesy toes.
Anderson, Airlie, author, illustrator.
No place for a lady
Paul, Gill, 1960- author
A country escape
Fforde, Katie, author
Tin men : a crime novel
Knowles, Mike, author
The black tide
Arthur, Keri, author
The good luck sister
Shalvis, Jill
Dead but once
Habershaw, Auston
Reaping the aurora
Palmatier, Joshua
The wanderers
Pears, Tim, 1956- author.
Winston Churchill by his personal secretary : recollections of the great man by a woman who worked for him throughout the crucial war years from 1941 to 1945
Nel, Elizabeth. 1917-2007, author
Codename Villanelle
Jennings, Luke, author.
In dust and ashes
Holt, Anne, 1958- author.
Keith Haring : the boy who just kept drawing
Haring, Kay, author.
The world's worst children
Walliams, David, 1971- author.
The PTSD survival guide for teens : strategies to overcome trauma, build resilience & take back your life
Raja, Sheela, author.
Spy camp : a spy school novel
Gibbs, Stuart, 1969- author.
Dressed for death in Burgundy
Shea, Susan C., author.
The fairies of Sadieville : the final Tufa novel
Bledsoe, Alex, author.
The barrow will send what it may
Killjoy, Margaret, 1982- author.
Homo deus : breve historia del mañana
Harari, Yuval N., author.
Little fish
Plett, Casey, author.
Wildwood : a journey through trees
Deakin, Roger.
Post-traumatic church syndrome : a memoir of humor and healing
Riley, Reba, author.
Dino duckling
Murray, Alison (Illustrator), author, illustrator.
Olivia 5-minute stories.
Back to beer...and hockey : the story of Eric Molson
Antoniou, Helen, 1970-
The official history of the FIFA World Cup
The new Bill James historical baseball abstract
James, Bill, 1949- author.
Total running : get fitter, go further, run faster.
52 boxes in 52 weeks : improve your design skills one box at a time
Kenney, Matt, author.
The book of home improvement : the most popular remodeling projects shown in full detail
Chasing hope : a patient's deep dive into stem cells, faith, and the future
Cohen, Richard M, author.
Knitting comfortably : the ergonomics of handknitting
Demers, Carson, author.
Silent spring & other writings on the environment
Carson, Rachel, 1907-1964, author.
The everything logic puzzles book, volume 1 : 200 puzzles to increase your brain power
Danesi, Marcel, 1946- author.
The Canadian kitchen garden : easy, fresh & organic
Peters, Laura, 1968- author
Walker, Joan Hustace, 1962-, author.
Tanakh = [Tanakh] : a new translation of the holy scriptures according to the traditional Hebrew text.
Accidental brothers : the story of twins exchanged at birth and the power of nature and nurture
Segal, Nancy L., 1951- author.
Atlas of a lost world : travels in ice age America
Childs, Craig, 1967- author.
Young Washington : how wilderness and war forged America's founding father
Stark, Peter, 1954- author.
The Ontario craft beer guide
LeBlanc, Robin, 1984- author
Webster's new world Italian dictionary.
The clever gut diet cookbook : 150 delicious recipes to help you nourish your body from the inside out
Bailey, Clare, author.
Baseball in the Garden of Eden : the secret history of the early game
Thorn, John, 1947-
Bibi : the turbulent life and times of Benjamin Netanyahu
Pfeffer, Anshel, author.
A prophet with honor : the Billy Graham story
Martin, William C. (William Curtis), 1937- author.
The Black Prince : England's greatest medieval warrior
Jones, Michael K, author.
How to fix anything : essential home repairs anyone can do.
The age of Eisenhower : America and the world in the 1950s
Hitchcock, William I, author.
The moralist : Woodrow Wilson and the world he made
O'Toole, Patricia, author.
Outside the box cancer therapies : alternative therapies that treat and prevent cancer
Stengler, Mark, author.
CSS in depth
Grant, Keith J. author.
Climate change : what everyone needs to know
Romm, Joseph J, author.
Space exploration : past, present, future
Petersen, Carolyn Collins, author.
Staying young with interval training : the revolutionary HIIT approach to getting fit, living healthy and keeping muscles young
Tieri, Joseph, author.
False pride
Heley, Veronica, author
Richard III : England's most controversial king
Skidmore, Chris, 1981- author.
Facebook for dummies
Abram, Carolyn, author.
Artificial Intelligence
Mueller, John, 1958.
Business skills all-in-one for dummies
Tracy, John A., author.
A couple's guide to happy retirement and aging : 15 keys to long-lasting vitality and connection
Yogev, Sara, author.