New Books

Planes Planes
West, David, 1956- author.
Spacecraft. Spacecraft.
West, David, 1956- author, illustrator.
Race cars Race cars
West, David, 1956- author.
Submarines Submarines
West, David, 1956- author.
Tanks Tanks
West, David, 1956- author.
Jack and the beanstalk and the french fries Jack and the beanstalk and the french fries
Teague, Mark, author, illustrator.
Pompeii picture book Pompeii picture book
Reid, Struan, author.
Yo soy Muslim : a father Yo soy Muslim : a father's letter to his daughter
Gonzales, Mark, 1975- author.
How to code 2.0 : pushing your skills further with Python How to code 2.0 : pushing your skills further with Python
Tweedale, Elizabeth, author.
The strongest man in the world : the legend of Louis Cyr The strongest man in the world : the legend of Louis Cyr
Papineau, Lucie, author.
Caveboy is bored! Caveboy is bored!
Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta, author.
The adventures of Caveboy The adventures of Caveboy
Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta, author.
Insurgente Insurgente
Roth, Veronica.
Making musical instruments Making musical instruments
Rau, Dana Meachen, 1971- author.
Lost in translation Lost in translation
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Titanic picture book Titanic picture book
Cullis, Megan, author.
Crank Crank
Hopkins, Ellen.
Prom : the big night out Prom : the big night out
Zimmerman Rutledge, Jill S., author.
Little voice Little voice
Slipperjack, Ruby.
Holi Holi
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Exercise Exercise
Black, Vanessa, 1973- author.
The Usborne creative writer The Usborne creative writer's handbook
Daynes, Katie, author
Shopkins : Ultimate Collector Shopkins : Ultimate Collector's Guide. Vol. 3.
Simon, Jenne, author.
Who was Amelia Earhart? Who was Amelia Earhart?
Jerome, Kate Boehm.
Meditate with me : a step-by-step mindfulness journey Meditate with me : a step-by-step mindfulness journey
Gates, Mariam.
The stone cold age The stone cold age
Brown, Jeffrey, 1975- author, artist.
Monster mayhem! Monster mayhem!
Lewman, David.
Ghost moon Ghost moon
Forte, Lauren.
I am a hero I am a hero
Nicholas, Christopher, author.
How to train your dragon How to train your dragon
Speregen, Devra Newberger, author.
Journey beyond Sodor : the movie Journey beyond Sodor : the movie
Brenner, Andrew, author.
The golden gecko The golden gecko
Lagonegro, Melissa, author.
By the time you read this... By the time you read this...
Lanthier, Jennifer.
The wolves return : a new beginning for Yellowstone National Park The wolves return : a new beginning for Yellowstone National Park
Godkin, Celia.
Magic spell Magic spell
Paschkis, Julie, author, illustrator.
Who is Pope Francis? Who is Pope Francis?
Spinner, Stephanie, author.
Superhero therapy : mindfulness skills to help teens & young adults deal with anxiety, depression & trauma Superhero therapy : mindfulness skills to help teens & young adults deal with anxiety, depression & trauma
Scarlet, Janina, author.
The first rule of punk The first rule of punk
Pérez, Celia C., 1972- author.
A big day for baseball A big day for baseball
Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
Get coding! : learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and build a website, app and game Get coding! : learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and build a website, app and game
The adventure begins The adventure begins
Selfors, Suzanne, author.
Evie Evie's fashion book
McLeef, Tina, author.
The trick : a novel The trick : a novel
Bergmann, Emanuel, 1972- author.
Million dollar women : the essential guide for female entrepreneurs who want to go big Million dollar women : the essential guide for female entrepreneurs who want to go big
Pimsleur Levine, Julia, author.
A deadly betrothal A deadly betrothal
Buckley, Fiona, author.
Devil Devil's call
Dorn, J. Danielle, author.
Game of secrets : a novel Game of secrets : a novel
Tripp, Dawn Clifton.
The lighthouse The lighthouse
Moore, Alison, 1971-, author.
Game over Game over
Jardine, Quintin, author
The Templars : the rise and spectacular fall of God's holy warriors
Jones, Dan, 1981- author.
A Life Well Played : My Stories
Palmer, Arnold
The autobiography of Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane, 1980- author.
Black Deutschland
Pinckney, Darryl, 1953- author.
Moonstone : the boy who never was
Sjón, 1962- author.
Hide : a novel
Griffin, Matthew, 1984- author.
Why poetry
Zapruder, Matthew, 1967- author.
UFOs, chemtrails, and aliens : what science says
Prothero, Donald R, author.
Samsung Galaxy S8 for dummies
Hughes, Bill, 1960- author.
Complete French : Beginner to Intermediate Course
Graham, Gaelle, author.
Make space : a minimalist's guide to the good and the extraordinary
Wong, Regina, author.
Mouse vacation
Roy, Philip, 1960-
Rentrée De Gaston.
Yoon, Salina
Rentrée Des Animaux.
Senoussi, Samir
Murderous mistral : a Provence mystery
Rademacher, Cay, author.
The ninth hour : a novel
McDermott, Alice.
White bodies : a novel
Robins, Jane, author.
Killing England : the brutal struggle for American independence
O'Reilly, Bill, author.
The book of separation : a memoir
Mirvis, Tova, author.
Second nature : the legacy of Ric Flair and the rise of Charlotte
Flair, Ric, 1949- author.
The promise of a letter
Fuller, Kathleen, author.
Midwinter break
MacLaverty, Bernard, author.
Vancouver Island book of musts : the 101 places every islander must see
Grant, Peter, 1948-
An echo of things to come
Islington, James, 1981- author.
The Sorbonne affair : a Hugo Marston novel
Pryor, Mark, 1967- author.
Halfway homemade : meals in a jiffy
Ritchie, Parrish, author.
Real food heals : eat to feel younger + stronger every day
Mullen, Seamus, author.
Watercolor : an artist's guide to painting on the go!
Roth, Barbara, author.
Collaborating with the enemy : how to work with people you don't agree with or like or trust
Kahane, Adam, author.
Fearless gunfighter
Wayne, Joanna
Texas witness
Han, Barb
Frozen memories
Miles, Cassie
Ms. Calculation
Winters, Danica
Bullseye: seal
Ericson, Carol
Lightning men : a novel
Mullen, Thomas, author.
Lost in September : a novel
Winter, Kathleen, author
The names of dead girls
Rickstad, Eric.
Doyle, Roddy, 1958- author.
Circle's end : A Sholan alliance novel
Norman, Lisanne
The end of ordinary
Ashton, Edward
Trust me
Clarke, Angela
Cawdron, Peter, author.
Alone : Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk : defeat into victory
Korda, Michael, 1933- author.
The man from the train : the solving of a century-old serial killer mystery
James, Bill, 1949- author.
Orders to Kill : The Putin Regime and Political Murder
Knight, Amy
The good people
Kent, Hannah, 1985-
The scarred woman
Adler-Olsen, Jussi.
The Cuban affair : a novel
DeMille, Nelson.
An echo of murder
Perry, Anne.
Spooky Street.
Lightning and friends.
Red Riding Hood.
It's time to save the day!
Happy face sad face.
Little face big face.
First words : baby signing.
Michael Vey 7 : The Final Spark
Evans, Richard Paul
Too Shattered for Mending
Hoffmeister, Peter Brown
Night of cake & puppets
Taylor, Laini, author.
You bring the distant near
Perkins, Mitali, author.
The mouse house
Green, Poppy.
The bad kid
Lariviere, Sarah
The bronze skies
Asaro, Catherine.
Lego Nexo Knights : World of Nexo Knights heroes : Official guide
Howard, Kate.
Last train
Pronko, Michael
Arkansas summer
Moose, Anne
The bachelor's unexpected family
Carter, Lisa.
Her hill country cowboy
Johnson, Myra.
The punch escrow
Klein, Tal M., author.
Close to home
Spangler, Rachel, author.
The Ada decades
Martinac, Paula, 1954- author.
The winder path
Dowland, Lyn, author.
Sappho's Bar and Grill
Morris, Bonnie J., 1961- author.
Murder take three
Brown, Eric, 1960- author
Portrait of vengeance
Parks, Carrie Stuart, author.
Seven up
Evanovich, Janet.
The savior's game
Chercover, Sean, author
Crossing the lines
Gentill, Sulari, author.
Into the blue
Henson, Pene, author.
The big book of the Alola region.
Tiny book of pies : classic recipes for every season
Cooper, Cindy Smith.
Au lit, Petit Lapin!
Mühle, Jörg, author, illustrator.
Sniffer dogs : how dogs (and their noses) save the world
Castaldo, Nancy F. (Nancy Fusco), 1962- author.
The Amazing Spider-Man. The Spider-Man secret!
Behling, Steve, author.
Mouse pet
Roy, Philip, 1960-
Ju hong
Li, Shijun, author.
Cuo guo shi jie yu dao ni
Ding, Mo, author.
Hei ye chang yu bai tian
Ji, Dongliang, author.
Jiu shi nian dai de ai qing
Han, Xiucheng, author.
Angeles y demonios
Brown, Dan, 1964- author
Chuyện kể trăng nghe
Sin, Kyŏng-suk, author.
Mộng xưa thành cũ : (tiểu thuyết)
Mặc Mặc An Nhiên, author.
Này thơ dại, bước chậm lại đi!
Nguyệt, author.
Mây trắng giăng ngang lưng đồi : tập truyện ngắn
Trương, Văn Tuấn, author.
Fan yi guan = Les interprètes
Miao, Juan, author.
Wu nan
Yan, Geling, author.
Jellybean mouse
Roy, Philip, 1960-
Chen xiang shan
Fan, Yiping, 1964- author.
Mouse tales
Roy, Philip, 1960-
The blessing
Brunstetter, Wanda E, author.
The shape of bones
Galera, Daniel, 1979- author.
Deep black
McFate, Sean, author.
Gone to dust
Goldman, Matt, author.
Highlights from the report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples : people to people, nation to nation.
Hidden figures : the untold true story of four African-American women who helped launch our nation into space
Lee Shetterly, Margot, author.
Ghost of the innocent man : a true story of trial and redemption
Rachlin, Benjamin, author.
Science in the soul : selected writings of a passionate rationalist
Dawkins, Richard, 1941- author.
Paper girls. 3
Vaughan, Brian K, author.
Black Road. Vol. 2, A Pagan death
Wood, Brian, 1972- author.
The death of Stalin
Nury, Fabien, author.
The brave athlete : calm the f*ck down and rise to the occasion
Marshall, Simon (Simon J.), author.
The calm birth method : your complete guide to a positive hypnobirthing experience
Ashworth, Suzy, author.
Gathering the threads
Woodsmall, Cindy, author.
The rat catchers' Olympics
Cotterill, Colin, author.
Leia : princess of Alderaan
Gray, Claudia, author.
Paramount : city of dreams
Bingen, Steven, author.
The last contract
Brisson, Ed, author.
Moebius library : the world of Edena
Moebius, 1938-2012, author, artist.
The stone sky
Jemisin, N. K., author.
Mrs. Saint and the defectives : a novel
Timmer, Julie Lawson, author.
In many waters
Brodoff, Ami Sands, author.
A promise to kill
Storey, Erik, author.
The toddler survival guide : complete protection from the whiny unfed
Spohr, Mike, author.
All kinds of cars
Johanson, Carl, 1976-
Harvey : how I became invisible
Bouchard, Hervé, 1963-
Asia's Reckoning : China, Japan, and the Fate of U.s. Power in the Pacific Century
McGregor, Richard
Crash override : how Gamergate (nearly) destroyed my life, and how we can win the fight against online hate
Quinn, Zoë, 1987- author.
Champions Way : Football, Florida, and the Lost Soul of College Sports
Mcintire, Mike
The far away brothers : two young migrants and the making of an American life
Markham, Lauren, author.
Norman, Hilary, author.
Spoiler alert : the hero dies : a memoir of love, loss, and other four-letter words
Ausiello, Michael, author.
Hasbún, Rodrigo, 1981- author.
Vintcent, Toby
The taking of K-129 : how the CIA used Howard Hughes to steal a Russian sub in the most daring covert operation in history
Dean, Josh, author.
Liner notes : on parents & children, exes & excess, death & decay & a few of my other favorite things
Wainwright, Loudon, III, 1946-
Fractured continent : Europe's crises and the fate of the West
Drozdiak, William, author.
McAfee, Annalena, author.
Solar bones
McCormack, Mike, 1965- author.
Game on! 2018 : your guide to all the best games
Decelerate blue
Rapp, Adam, author
A wish after midnight : a novel
Elliott, Zetta, author
The door at the crossroads
Elliott, Zetta, author
The awesome
Darrows, Eva.
Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race
Shetterly, Margot Lee, author.
An odyssey : a father, a son, and an epic
Mendelsohn, Daniel Adam, 1960- author.
Dark Chapter
Li, Winnie M.
Cuz : the life and times of Michael A.
Allen, Danielle S., 1971- author.
The woods. Vol. 3, New London
Tynion, James, IV, author.
The woods. Vol. 4, Movie night
Tynion, James, IV, author.
The woods. Vol. 6, The lost
Tynion, James, IV, author.
Wonder Woman : Warbringer
Bardugo, Leigh, author.
The Adjustment
Young, Suzanne, author.
White water! : true stories of extreme adventures!
Maloney, Brenna, author.
Hero dogs : true stories of amazing animal heroes!
Quattlebaum, Mary, author.
The adventure in the Amazon: Brazil
Hunt, Elizabeth Singer.
Magicians impossible : a novel
Abraham, Brad, author.
Lea : (novella)
Mercier, Pascal, 1944- author.
Bluebird, bluebird : a novel
Locke, Attica, author.
Patterson, James, 1947-
Rushing Woman's Syndrome : The Impact of a Never-ending To-do List and How to Stay Healthy in Today's Busy World
Weaver, Libby
Finding magic : a spiritual memoir
Quinn, Sally, author.
My little golden book about dinosaurs
Shealy, Dennis R., 1969- author.
The ultimate guide to raising farm animals : a complete guide to raising chickens, pigs, cows, and more
My husband's wife
Prowse, Amanda, author
I won't be home for Christmas
Prowse, Amanda, author
Touching strangers : a novel
Madden, Stacey, 1982- author
Hula for the home front : a Nanea classic. Volume 2
Larson, Kirby, author.
Growing up with Aloha : a Nanea classic. Volume 1
Larson, Kirby, author.
Never a dull moment : 1971 : the year that rock exploded
Hepworth, David, 1950-, author.
Le boulevard : roman
Sénéchal, Jean-François, 1976- author.
Même pas vrai
Tremblay, Larry, 1954- author.
Les croquins
Brisset des Nos, Élisabeth, 1987- author.
Shark Dog!
Adamson, Ged, author, illustrator.
Un brillant début
Scott, Lisa Ann, author.
Des ailes scintillantes
Scott, Lisa Ann, author.
Mystère et bonhomme de neige
Trédez, Emmanuel, 1968- author.
Les chaussettes
Maudet, Matthieu, author, illustrator.
Méchant Minou n'aime pas les jeux vidéo
Bruel, Nick, author
Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
Les vieux livres sont dangereux
Gravel, François, 1951- author.
Le voyage dans le temps. l'Égypte, la Grèce, Naples et le Japon
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
The book of perfectly perilous math : 24 death-defying challenges for young mathematicians
Connolly, Sean, 1956- author.
Goldstyn, Jacques, author
90 days of different
Walters, Eric, 1957-
Pie-tart : 40 công thưć bánh pie-tart tuyệt đỉnh
Nguyen, Trung Hieu, author.
Tower of dawn
Maas, Sarah J, author.
Going batty
Beyl, Chelsea
Speaking our truth : a journey of reconciliation
Gray Smith, Monique, 1968- author
Snow treasure
McSwigan, Marie, 1907-1962
Laugh out loud
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Rylant, Cynthia, author.
Full of fall
Sayre, April Pulley, author.
Gánale la batalla a la diabetes : modifica tus hábitos para alcanzar una vida más saludable.
30 jugos para perder peso
Cruz, Verónica, author.
Honest politics now : what ethical conduct means in Canadian public life
Hey ladies, stop apologizing ... and other career mistakes women make
Jovanovic, Maja
Statistical analysis with R
Schmuller, Joseph, author.
The vengeance of mothers : the journals of Margaret Kelly & Molly Mcgill
Fergus, Jim, author.
The Texas rancher's new family
Pleiter, Allie
His secret Alaskan heiress
Calhoune, Belle
Healing his widowed heart
Hemby, Annie
Inheritors of the Earth : how nature is thriving in an age of extinction
Thomas, C. D., author.
Coming to my senses : the making of a counterculture cook
Waters, Alice, author.
Every word is a bird we teach to sing : encounters with the mysteries and meanings of language
Tammet, Daniel, 1979- author.
Feel the force!
Harper, Benjamin
Join the rebels
Saunders, Catherine
Braving the Wilderness : The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone
Brown, Brené
Mercy for animals : one man's quest to inspire compassion, and improve the lives of farm animals
Runkle, Nathan, author.
The hacking of the American mind : inside the sugar-coated plot to confuse pleasure with happiness
Lustig, Robert H, author.
The rise and fall of Adam and Eve
Greenblatt, Stephen, 1943- author.
Cherished Mercy
Peterson, Tracie, author.
Unbelievable : my front-row seat to the craziest campaign in American history
Tur, Katy, 1983- author.
The Romanov ransom
Cussler, Clive, author
No Room for Small Dreams : Courage, Imagination, and the Making of Modern Israel
Peres, Shimon
The four tendencies : the indispensable personality profiles that reveal how to make your life better (and other people's lives better, too)
Rubin, Gretchen, author.
Robert B. Parker's The hangman's sonnet
Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956- author.
Miss Kopp's midnight confessions
Stewart, Amy, author.
Coulter, Catherine, author.
Love and other consolation prizes : a novel
Ford, Jamie, author
The girl who takes an eye for an eye
Lagercrantz, David, author.
Little fires everywhere : a novel
Ng, Celeste, author.
The unquiet grave : a novel
McCrumb, Sharyn, 1948- author.
Unstoppable : my life so far
Sharapova, Maria, 1987- author.
The Man in the Tree
Walker, Sage
A column of fire
Follett, Ken, author.
The twelve-mile straight : a novel
Henderson, Eleanor, author.
Forest Dark
Krauss, Nicole
What happened
Clinton, Hillary Rodham, author.
Finn and Jake's island travelogue
Snider, Brandon T.
My little pony, the movie : the junior novel
Berrow, G. M., author.
Down by the cool of the pool
Mitton, Tony, author
Maybe a bear ate it!
Harris, Robie H.
5-minute Biscuit stories
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, 1957- author.
Little Red Riding Hood
Jack and the beanstalk
Superfood smoothie bowls : delicious, satisfying, protein-packed blends that boost energy and burn fat
Chace, Daniella, author.
Trains don't sleep
Rosenbaum, Andria Warmflash, 1958- author
Skin again
Hooks, Bell, author.
Double take! : a new look at opposites
Hood, Susan, 1954- author.
Don't blink!
Booth, Tom, 1983- author, illustrator.
Rez rebel
Florence, Melanie, author
Colette's lost pet
Arsenault, Isabelle, 1978- author, illustrator
Secrets I know
George, Kallie, author.
Town is by the sea
Schwartz, Joanne (Joanne F.), 1960- author
Mary Anning's curiosity
Kulling, Monica, 1952- author
Two times a traitor
Bass, Karen, 1962- author
The girl with the ghost machine
DeStefano, Lauren, author.
Adele in Sand Land : a Toon book
Ponti, Claude, 1948- author, artist.
This is a ball
Stanton, Beck, author, illustrator.
Felix Yz
Bunker, Lisa, author.
Roca, Paco (Comic book artist), author, artist.
The case of Alan Turing : the extraordinary and tragic story of the legendary codebreaker
Delalande, Arnaud, author.
Mind : a scientific guide to who you are, how you got that way, and how to make the most of it
Daniels, Patricia, 1955- author
Vikings : Godhead
Scott, Cavan, author.
The attack
Dauvillier, Loïc, 1971- author
Legend. Volume one, defend the grounds
Sattin, Samuel, author.
She changed comics : the untold story of the women who changed free expression in comics
Hệ hô hấp, hệ tuần hoàn, hệ tiêu hóa, hệ tiết niệu
Nguyễn, Lân Dũng, 1938- author.
Phô mai cho món ngon thêm hoàn hảo
Phạm, Nguyễn, author.
The moolah tree
Stearn, Ted, author, artist.
Friends is friends
Cook, Greg (Cartoonist), author, artist.
Lake Jehovah
Fleck, Jillian, author.
Breaking the 10. Volume 1
Wilson, Seán Michael, creator.
Laid waste
Gfrörer, Julia, author, artist.
Extinction evolution
Smith, Nicholas Sansbury
Brassey, Joseph
Immortal architects
Orwin, Paige
The uploaded
Steinmetz, Ferrett
Toad on the road : a cautionary tale
Shaskan, Stephen, author, illustrator.
Good morning, Grizzle Grump!
Blecha, Aaron, author
Little Plane learns to write
Savage, Stephen, 1965- author.
The thing Lou couldn't do
Spires, Ashley, 1978-
My name is Caillou
L'Heureux, Christine, 1946- author
This book will not be fun.
Dunlap, Cirocco, author.
Dog trouble!
Oz, Galia, author.
Duncan, Daniel, author, illustrator.
Wonderful You : an adoption story
McLaughlin, Lauren, author.
Mack, Jeff, author, illustrator.
Tell me about sex, Grandma
Higginbotham, Anastasia, author, illustrator.
7 ate 9 : the untold story
Lazar, Tara, author.
Pete with no pants
Watkins, Rowboat, 1967- author, illustrator.
Listen : how Pete Seeger got America singing
Schubert, Leda, author.
Home in the rain
Graham, Bob, 1942- author, illustrator.
Bulldozer helps out
Fleming, Candace, author.
Petty, Dev, author.
Thrive principles : 15 strategies for building your thriving life
Baucom, Lee H., author.
Toronto eats : 100 signature recipes from the city's best restaurants
Rosen, Amy.
Bianco : pizza, pasta, and other food I like
Bianco, Chris, author.
The art and craft of wood : a practical guide to harvesting, choosing, reclaiming, preparing, crafting, and building with raw wood
Kyler, Silas J., author.
The T-shirt quilt book : create one-of-a-kind keepsakes : make 8 projects or design your own
Conner, Lindsay, 1983- author.
Embroidery for the absolute beginner
Johns, Susie, author.
Fiery ferments : 70 stimulating recipes for hot sauces, spicy chutneys, kimchis with kick, and other blazing fermented condiments
Shockey, Kirsten, author.
3D printing
Horne, Richard (Electrical engineer), author.
X-O Manowar. Volume one, Soldier
Kindt, Matt, author.
How to write a business plan
Finch, Brian, author.
Palmiotti, Jimmy.
The colony of unrequited dreams : a play
Chafe, Robert, author
A rock fell on the moon : Dad and the great Yukon silver ore heist
Priest, Alicia, 1953-
Mindshift : break through obstacles to learning and discover your hidden potential
Oakley, Barbara A., 1955- author.
Midnight at the zoo
Hanson, Faye, author, illustrator.
Be, feel, think, do : a memoir
Berube, Anne, 1978- author
The cowboy's second-chance family
Bennett, Jules
Winning the rancher's heart
Britton, Pamela
A bride for the mountain man
Madison, Tracy
The cowboy and the cop
Wenger, Christine
Twins for the Texas rancher
Thomas, Marin
Fearless gunfighter
Wayne, Joanna
Ms. Calculation
Winters, Danica
Engaged for her enemy's heir
Hewitt, Kate.
To me you seem giant
Rhyno, Greg, 1976-, author.
Murder in disguise
Miley, Mary, author
The devil's cup
Clare, Alys, author
Spring break
Elias, Gerald, author
You said forever
Lewis, Susan, 1956- author
Gamora : memento mori
Perlman, Nicole.
Forest's first birthday party
Zann, Tara.
Clover moon
Wilson, Jacqueline.
Knights of the borrowed dark
Rudden, Dave.
Spark of rebellion : cinestory comic
Captain America : Steve Rogers, Vol. 3. : empire building
Spencer, Nick.
They both die at the end
Silvera, Adam, 1990- author.
Us, in progress : short stories about young Latinos
Delacre, Lulu, author.
Wild bird
Van Draanen, Wendelin, author.
Green Arrow, Vol. 3 : Emerald outlaw
Percy, Benjamin.
Vampire knight : memories, Vol. 1
Hino, Matsuri.
My hero
Horikoshi, Kohei.
Plagues : the microscopic battlefield
Koch, Falynn.
The Flash, Vol. 3 : Rogues reloaded
Williamson, Joshua.
Ariol : a beautiful cow
Boutavant, Marc.
Mighty Jack and the Goblin King
Hatke, Ben.
X-Men blue, Vol. 1 : strangest
Bunn, Cullen.
Guardians of the Galaxy : Mother Entropy
Starlin, Jim.
Aquaman, Vol. 3 : Crown of Atlantis
Abnett, Dan.
Second chance Amish bride
Perry, Marta.
She persisted : 13 American women who changed the world
Clinton, Chelsea, author.
Seamus's short story
Hartt-Sussman, Heather, author
Royal crush
Cabot, Meg, author, illustrator.
Finders keepers
Carbone, Courtney.
Thunder Hollow crazy eight racers!
Depken, Kristen L.
Diaz, Ella.
Remembering blue fish
Friedman, Becky.
Magical mystery tour
Lamb, Anne.
Falcon quest!
Tillworth, Mary.
I quit grade one!
Richards, Nancy Wilcox.
Darwin's Backyard : How Small Experiments Led to a Big Theory
Costa, James T.
Lawless and the house of electricity
Sutton, William.
Tuck, Lily, 1938- author.
Blurred Lines : Rethinking Sex, Power, and Consent on Campus
Grigoriadis, Vanessa
Fantasyland : How America Went Haywire: a 500-year History
Andersen, Kurt
Streampunks : YouTube and the rebels remaking media
Kyncl, Robert, author.
The Kingfisher dinosaur encyclopedia
Benton, M. J. (Michael J.), author.
The Kingfisher space encyclopedia
Goldsmith, Mike.
Ready, set, grow! : a "what's happening to my body?" book for younger girls
Madaras, Lynda.
Five nights at Freddy's
Cawthon, Scott
Dog Man : a tale of two kitties
Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, illustrator.
I'm feeling macaroni and cheese : A colorful book about feelings
Gallo, Tina.
Let it glow
The Spooky Express. Edmonton
James, Eric, author
The Spooky Express. Calgary
James, Eric, author
The Spooky Express. Nova Scotia
James, Eric, author
The Spooky Express. Newfoundland
James, Eric, author
The Spooky Express. Vancouver
James, Eric, author
River Cottage A to Z : our favourite ingredients, & how to cook them
Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh, author.
Star Trek, the visual dictionary : the ultimate guide to characters, aliens, and technology
Ruditis, Paul.
Stewart, Melissa, author.
The water cycle
Ball, Nate, author.
The wacky world of living things!
Berger, Melvin, author.
Behold the dreamers : a novel
Mbue, Imbolo.
A knit before dying
Hartwell, Sadie.
Mister hockey
Riley, Lia.
Texas witness
Han, Barb.
Emily Post's etiquette : manners for today
Post, Lizzie, author.
Vasily Kandinsky
Botticelli reimagined
No patterns needed : DIY couture from simple shapes
Martin, Rosie, 1983- author.
Composting basics : all the skills and tools you need to get started
The art of kayaking : everything you need to know about paddling
Foster, Nigel, 1952- author.
Ideas for cardmakers : over 50 templates and hundreds of variations
Snyman, Fransie, author.
Partner workouts : team up and train with exercises you can do anywhere
Williams, Laura, author.
Buying real estate in the US : the concise guide for Canadians
Walters, Dale, 1958- author.
Regeneration machine
Denham, Joe, 1975- author
Marry & burn
Rose, Rachel, 1970- author
Digital marketing for dummies
Deiss, Ryan, author.
The horse-lover's encyclopedia
Candy is magic : real ingredients, modern recipes
Curl, Jami, author.
Beginning investing
Schultz, Danielle L. author.
Basketball essentials
Goodson, Ryan, 1986-
Steely Dan FAQ : all that's left to know about this elusive band
Robustelli, Anthony.
Parentspeak : what's wrong with how we talk to our children--and what to say instead
Lehr, Jennifer, 1969- author.
This is Frank Lloyd Wright
Volner, Ian, author.
Thank you for arguing : what Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson can teach us about the art of persuasion
Heinrichs, Jay, author.
Raising cooperative kids : proven practices for a connected, happy family
Forgatch, Marion Sue, author.
Feng shui mommy : creating balance and harmony for blissful pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood
Gaddis, Bailey, 1988- author.
My fellow soldiers : General John Pershing and the Americans who helped win the Great War
Carroll, Andrew, author.
Making contact : Jill Tarter and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence
Scoles, Sarah, author.
Autumn of the Black Snake : the creation of the U.S. Army and the invasion that opened the West
Hogeland, William, author.
Going deep : John Philip Holland and the invention of the attack submarine
Goldstone, Lawrence, 1947- author.
Incendiary : the psychiatrist, the mad bomber, and the invention of criminal profiling
Cannell, Michael T, author.
The true Jesus : uncovering the divinity of Christ in the gospels
Limbaugh, David, author.
When the scoundrel sins
Harrington, Anna.
A torch kept lit : great lives of the twentieth century
Buckley, William F., Jr., 1925-2008, author.
Her dark half
Tyler, Paige.
Dirty dancing at Devil's Leap
Long, Julie Anne.
Tangled destinies
Palmer, Diana.
The ruin of a rake
Sebastian, Cat.
Last gentleman standing
Ashford, Jane.
Such a lovely little war : Saigon, 1961-63
Truong, Marcelino, author.
Profiles of American colleges 2018
Other stories and the horse you rode in on
McFadzean, Dakota, author.
What is obscenity? : the story of a good for nothing artist and her pussy
Rokudenashiko, author, artist.
Fresh Romance. Volume 1
Heartthrob. Book 1. never going back again
Sebela, Christopher, author.
The return of the Honey Buzzard
Jongh, Aimée de, 1988- author
Klaw : the first cycle
Ozanam, Antoine, 1970- author.
One week in the library
Prince, W. Maxwell, author.
The Goddamned. Book one, Before the flood
Aaron, Jason, author.
Classic car : the definitive visual history
Gurdon, Martin, author.
The defiant mind : living inside a stroke
Smith, Ron, 1943- author
Glorious & free : the Canadians
Field-Marsham, Rita, author
Dressmaking : the indispensable guide
Fallon, Jules, author
Happy flower quilts : 30 colorful quilts, charming bags & cheerful gifts
Matsuyama, Atsuko, author.
The mothers of Lovely Lane
Dorries, Nadine, 1957- author
Beyond absolution
Harrison, Cora, author
Death in D minor
Gordon, Alexia, author
Food fight : GMOs and the future of the American diet
Jenkins, McKay, 1963- author.
Confession of a serial killer : the untold story of Dennis Rader, the BTK killer
Ramsland, Katherine M., 1953-
500 insects : a visual reference
Marshall, S. A. (Stephen Archer)
Beast : blood, struggle, and dreams at the heart of mixed martial arts
Merlino, Doug, author.
The Egyptians : a radical history of Egypt's unfinished revolution
Shenker, Jack, author.
An iron wind : Europe under Hitler
Fritzsche, Peter, 1959- author.
Tapestry of war : a private view of Canadians in the Great War
Gwyn, Sandra, author
Bipolar, not so much : understanding your mood swings and depression
Aiken, Chris, 1974- author.
The new science of consciousness : exploring the complexity of brain, mind, and self
Nunez, Paul L., author
Beethoven's skull : dark, strange, and fascinating tales from the world of classical music and beyond
Rayborn, Tim, 1968- author.
Breaking the trance : a practical guide for parenting the screen-dependent child
Lynn, George T., 1945- author.
The best minds of my generation : a literary history of the beats
Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997, author.
Istanbul : city of majesty at the crossroads of the world
Madden, Thomas F, author
Dinosaurs : how they lived and evolved
Naish, Darren, author.
Capturing the world : the art and practice of travel photography
Rains, Nick, author.
Dr. Pitcairn's complete guide to natural health for dogs & cats
Pitcairn, Richard H, author.
Make it up : the essential guide to DIY makeup & skin care
Rayma, Marie, author.
Backroads & byways of Utah
Sjöquist, Christine, author.
Lake Superior to Manitoba by canoe : mapping the route into the heart of the continent
Wilson, Hap, 1951-
Childhood cancer : a parent's guide to solid tumor cancers
Spurgeon, Anne, author.
Healing tonics, juices, and smoothies : 100+ elixirs to nurture body and soul
Weston, Jessica Jean, author.
Missing mother : a heartbreaking story of loss, family secrets, and a daughter's search for her mother
Donsky, Barbara Bracht, author
Gói nỗi buồn lại và ném đi thật xa : (thơ-tản văn-truyện ngắn)
Ngọc, Hoài Nhân, author.
Giá tôi là đàn bà : tuyển tập truyện ngắn
Trần, Kỳ Trung, author.
Dao de jing tu wen ben
At his mercy
Bell, Shelly, author
Lost girls
Pyper, Andrew, author
The bodice ripper
Rempel, Byron, 1962- author
Zapped : from infrared to X-rays, the curious history of invisible light
Berman, Bob, author.
Devolution. Volume 1
Remender, Rick, author.
The complete guide to auto body repair
Parks, Dennis, 1959- author.
Mast Brothers Chocolate : a family cookbook
Mast, Rick, author
The interview
Fior, Manuele, author, artist.
Frank Capra : the catastrophe of success
McBride, Joseph, 1947-
Frozen memories
Miles, Cassie.
Her Texas rodeo cowboy
Milburn, Trish.
His Drakon runaway bride
Pammi, Tara.
The last outlaw
Bittner, Rosanne.
Highland flame
Wine, Mary.
Friend (with benefits) zone
Brown, Laura.
Macrame murder
Bryan, Mollie Cox
Assaulted caramel
Flower, Amanda
Bendigo Shafter : a novel
L'amour, Louis
Monster in the closet
Rose, Karen
The coldest fear
Webb, Debra
The snow blazers
Lee, Justus.
Monster trucks & race cars
King, Trey.
Owlette and the giving owl
Welcome to the training academy!
Lee, Justus.
A con artist in Paris
Dixon, Franklin W.
Scare B and B
Beyl, Chelsea.
Miffy can play!
Cregg, R.J.
Deck the Malls!
Cadenhead, Mackenzie.
Where is baby's turkey?
Ready, set, goal!
Dadey, Debbie.
Winter wonders
Hannigan, Kate.
The Mighty Captain Marvel, volume 1 : alien nation
Stohl, Margaret.
Ty finds a new home
Green, Margaret.
It takes two : our story
Scott, Jonathan, 1978 April 28- author.
Penguin's Christmas wish.
Noisy robots.
Mighty dinos.
The tycoon's outrageous proposal
Lee, Miranda.
The throne he must take
Shaw, Chantelle.
At the ruthless billionaire's command
Mortimer, Carole.
Cipriani's innocent captive
Williams, Cathy.
The Italian's virgin acquisition
Conder, Michelle.
Claiming his one-night baby
Smart, Michelle.
Where the sweet bird sings
Olsen, Ella Joy.
The space between words
Phoenix, Michèle.
The death and life of Schneider Wrack
Crowley, Nate.
The dragon lords : false idols
Hollins, Jon.
Little secrets: the baby merger
Lindsay, Yvonne.
Taking home the tycoon
Mann, Catherine.
Expecting the rancher's baby?
Gold, Kristi.
A family for the billionaire
Wade, Dani.
The heir affair
Schield, Cat.
Convenient cinderella bride
Wood, Joss.
Trope, Nicole, author
The bachelor's unexpected family
Carter, Lisa
His secret Alaskan heiress
Calhoune, Belle
Second chance Amish bride
Perry, Marta
Healing his widowed heart
Hemby, Annie
The Texas rancher's new family
Pleiter, Allie
Her Hill Country cowboy
Johnson, Myra
Daniel loves fall!.
Good night books
Saved by the shell!
Gotham Academy : Second semester; Volume 1
Fletcher, Brenden.
My little pony : friends forever; Vol. 9
Zuravicky, Orli.
Rider Woofson: the big bad woof
Styles, Walker.
The battle for the Emerald Buddha: Thailand
Hunt, Elizabeth Singer.
The changelings
Soontornvat, Christina.
Bullseye: seal
Ericson, Carol.
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Markell, Denis.
In the name of humanity : the secret deal to end the Holocaust
Wallace, Max, author
The full transcripts of the Putin interviews : with substantial material not included in the documentary
Stone, Oliver, interviewer.
Seek and find Christmas
Trick or treat on my street.
Scavenger of souls
Bellin, Joshua David
If you're thankful and you know it
Bozik, Chrissy
I'm feeling thankful.
Mary Berry everyday
Berry, Mary, 1935-
This is that : travel guide to Canada
Totem poles & railroads
Rogers, Janet Marie, 1963-
Other houses
Cayley, Kate.
Being in time : a post-political manifesto
Atzmon, Gilad.
Not my fate : the story of a Nisga'a survivor
Romain, Janet.
Something stinks in Hamlet
Castle, M. E., author.
Abundance unleashed : open yourself to more money, love, health, and happiness now
Mickelsen, Christian, 1973- author.
Own your stuff : uncover the secrets of your clutter and reclaim your life
Richardson, Kerri L., author.
Pretend you're safe
Ivy, Alexandra.
The trickster's lullaby
Fradkin, Barbara Fraser, 1947- author
I'm scared.
Baby loves thermo-dynamics!
Baby loves quantum physics!
Not quite black and white.
Animal homes.
Three little pigs.
Whiteoaks of Jalna
De la Roche, Mazo, 1879-1961.
De la Roche, Mazo, 1879-1961.
Finch's fortune
De la Roche, Mazo, 1879-1961.
The master of Jalna
De la Roche, Mazo, 1879-1961.
The drop zone
Kroll, Robert E., 1947- author
Murder in the Chilcotin
Innes, Roy, 1939- author
The bone mother
Demchuk, David, author.
The hell of it all
Kroll, Robert E., 1947- author
Murder in the Monashees
Innes, Roy, 1939- author
Arabic for beginners : a novel
Freedman, Ariela, 1974- author
The queen's training
Riches, Noelle, author
The best of us : a memoir
Maynard, Joyce, 1953- author.
The summer that made us : a novel
Carr, Robyn.
Deverell, William, 1937-
That's my baby : a novel
Itani, Frances, 1942-
Run, hide, repeat : a memoir of a fugitive childhood
Dakin, Pauline.
First snow, last light : a novel
Johnston, Wayne, 1958-
Dinner at the center of the Earth : a novel
Englander, Nathan.
The family lawyer : thrillers
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
George and Lizzie : a novel
Pearl, Nancy, author.
Stephen Colbert's midnight confessions
Colbert, Stephen, 1964- author.
The world of tomorrow
Mathews, Brendan, author.
The salt line : a novel
Jones, Holly Goddard, author.
The woman who couldn't scream
Dodd, Christina, author.
The child finder
Denfeld, Rene, author.
A secret history of witches
Morgan, Louisa, 1952- author.
Sing, Unburied, Sing
Ward, Jesmyn
The essence of malice
Weaver, Ashley, author.
Something like happy : a novel
Woods, Eva (Novelist), author
Sea of rust : a novel
Cargill, C. Robert, 1975- author.
Lie to me : a novel
Ellison, J. T., author
The seagull : a Vera Stanhope mystery
Cleeves, Ann, author.
Sourdough : a novel
Sloan, Robin, 1979- author
A legacy of spies
Le Carré, John, 1931- author.
The choice : embrace the possible
Eger, Edith Eva, author
Secrets in death
Robb, J. D., 1950-
Enemy of the state
Mills, Kyle, 1966- author
Good me, bad me
Land, Ali, author.
The golden house
Rushdie, Salman, author.
What it's like to be a dog : and other adventures in animal neuroscience
Berns, Gregory, author.
Proof of life
Jance, Judith A., author
Y is for Yesterday
Grafton, Sue.
The winners' circle
Bowen, Gail, 1942- author.
Heart of the city
Rotenberg, Robert, 1953- author.
Stray bullets
Rotenberg, Robert, 1953-
Old City Hall
Rotenberg, Robert, 1953-
12 Rose Street : a Joanne Kilbourn mystery
Bowen, Gail, 1942- author.
The gifted
Bowen, Gail, 1942-
The western star
Johnson, Craig, 1961-
Dawson, Delilah S., author.
Dark legacy
Feehan, Christine, author.
The proving
Lewis, Beverly, 1949- author.
Meyer, Deon, author.
Dead in the water
Swanson, Denise.
Highland dragon warrior
Cooper, Isabel.
A wedding to remember
Sims, Joanna.
The cowboy's second-chance family
Bennett, Jules.
A bride for the mountain man
Madison, Tracy.
Romancing the wallflower
Major, Michelle.
The waitress's secret
Douglass, Kathy.
The maverick's bride-to-order
Bagwell, Stella.
Sheltered by the cowboy
Cassidy, Carla.
Runaway heiress
Morey, Jennifer.
Single mom's bodyguard
Childs, Lisa.
Captivating witness
Di Lorenzo, Melinda.
Encore un livre extra sur plus que tout
Frost, Adam, author.
Le gardien des rêves. Tome 1, Prisonniers du cauchemar
Grunberg, Greg, author.
Chroniques post-apocalyptiques d'une enfant sage
Bacon, Annie, 1974- auteur
La guillotine
Drouin, Véronique, 1974- author.
Une fille au manteau bleu
Hesse, Monica, author.
Magic in the city
Dyer, Heather, 1970- author
We all love the beautiful girls : a novel
Proulx, Joanne, author
A wife of noble character
Puig, Yvonne Georgina.
Six degrees of freedom
Dickner, Nicolas, 1972- author
It's a mystery, pig face!
MacKnight, Wendy McLeod, author
War for the Planet of the Apes: Official Movie Novelization
Cox, Greg.
Seven fallen feathers : racism, death, and hard truths in a northern city
Talaga, Tanya, author.
Devil's bargain : Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the storming of the presidency
Green, Joshua, 1972- author.
A Chesapeake Shores collection. Volume 4
Woods, Sherryl, author.
A Column of Fire.
Follett, Ken.
Lost in September
Winter, Kathleen, author.
Strangers with the same dream
Pick, Alison, author.
In the name of humanity
Wallace, Max, author.
Hail to the chin : further confessions of a B movie actor
Campbell, Bruce, 1958- author.
A stranger in the house
Lapeña, Shari, 1960- author.
My life after hate
Michaelis, Arno, author.
The only café
MacIntyre, Linden, author.
Barrelling forward : stories
Crocker, Eva, author.
Science in the soul : selected writings of a passionate rationalist
Dawkins, Richard, 1941- author.
Mr. Singh among the fugitives
Henighan, Stephen, 1960- author.
The longest year
Grenier, Daniel, 1980- author
Young Jane Young
Zevin, Gabrielle, author.
A short history of Canada
Morton, Desmond, author.
Solar bones
McCormack, Mike, 1965- author.
The Moores are missing : thrillers
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
The nightingale won't let you sleep
Heighton, Steven, 1961- author.
From the Start : an American valor novel
Etchison, Cheryl, author.
Hope has two daughters
Mazigh, Monia.
Crying for the moon : a novel
Walsh, Mary, 1952- author.
Here and now : an American valor novel
Etchison, Cheryl, author.
Black chalk
Yates, Christopher J., author.
Once and for All
Etchison, Cheryl, author.
This was a man
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940- author.
Cometh the Hour
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940-
Close To You a Novel
Isaac, Kara.
In the stillness : a novel
Randall, Andrea, author.
Mightier than the sword
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940-
Be careful what you wish for
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940-
Best kept secret
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940-
The River Runs Orange a Meg Harris Mystery.
Harlick, R. J., 1946-
A green place for dying a Meg Harris mystery
Harlick, R. J., 1946-
The sins of the father
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940-
Only Time Will Tell.
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940-
Red Ice for a Shroud a Meg Harris Mystery.
Harlick, R. J., 1946-
Death's Golden Whisper a Meg Harris Mystery.
Harlick, R. J., 1946-
Arctic Blue Death a Meg Harris Mystery.
Harlick, R. J., 1946-
Animal opposites.
My first book of shapes.
Beep, beep, Maisy!
Touch and feel 1 2 3.
The 12 engines of Christmas.
Firefighter Blaze .
Things too huge to fix by saying sorry
Vaught, Susan.
It's not me, it's you
Strohm, Stephanie Kate.
The steep & thorny way
Winters, Cat.
The memory of light
Stork, Francisco X.
In-between days
Wakefield, Vikki.
Da Vinci's tiger
Elliott, L. M.
Enter title here
Kanakia, Rahul.
The brilliant Dr. Wogan
Montgomery, R. A.
Smoke jumpers
Montgomery, R. A.
Curse of the pirate mist
Wilhelm, Doug.
Edmonton cooks : signature recipes from the city's best chefs
Faiz, Tina, author.
Buffy Sainte-Marie : it's my way
Stonechild, Blair.
Think skinny, feel fit : 7 steps to transform your emotional weight and have an awesome life
Chabán, Alejandro, 1981- author.
The final hour
Wood, Tom.
Người đức dạy con ngủ ngon giấc
Kast-Zahn, Annette, author.
Cô gái tháng mười
Lê, Huy Hoàng, author.
Đợi đến lượt : tập truyện ngắn
Đinh Phương, author.
Lỡ chúng ta gặp lại
Đại, Mộc, author.
Chứng cứ về thiên đường : hành trình đến thế giới bên kia của một bác sĩ giải phẩu thần kinh
Alexander, Eben, author.
Mưa sau song cửa : tập truyện ngắn
Bùi, Anh Tấn, author.
Làn gió chảy qua : tập truyện ngá̆n
Lê, Minh Khuê, author.
Mộ phần tuổi trẻ : tiểu thuyết
Huỳnh, Trọng Khang, author.
Nghệ thuật bài trí của người Nhật : phép màu thay đổi cuộc sống
Kondō, Marie, author.
Không có nhau vào những ngày mai
Buông bỏ buồn buông = Don't worry be grumpy
Ajahn Brahm, 1951- author.
The psychology bible : the definitive guide to the science of the mind
Mann, Sandi, author
By balloon to the Sahara
Terman, Douglas, 1933- author.
Cam Jansen and the chocolate fudge mystery
Adler, David A.
Capitaine Bobette et la bagarre brutale de biocrotte dene 1re partie : la nuit norie des narines morveuses
Pilkey, Dav, 1966-
A concise history of Africa
Hobbs, Annelise, author.
East Africa
Hobbs, Annelise, author.
West Africa
Hobbs, Annelise, author.
Southern Africa
Hobbs, Annelise, author.
North and Central Africa
Hobbs, Annelise, author.
The monotheistic faiths : Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Aman, Israa, author.
Ideas & daily life in the Muslim world today
Tamer, Abdul Hakeem, author.
Islamism and fundamentalism in the modern world
El-Sayed, Lilah, author.
Guinness world records 2015. Gamer's edition.
Les mondes invisibles des animaux microscopiques
Rajcak, Hélène, 1981- author.
Mon grand livre d'animaux
Hughes, Catherine D., author
Ma petite étoile
Bland, Nick, 1973- author
Au lit, Dafné!
Primeau, Diane, author.
Gaya et le petit désert
Vigneault, Gilles, 1928- author, lyricist, composer.
Les incroyables savoirs
Josse, Benjamin, 1978- author.
When Pete was a kid : an almost non-fictional memoir of a young boy raised on the Canadian prairie
Perrier, Dennis, author
Le goûter d'anniversaire
Masteau, Clémence, author.
Mae and June and the wonder wheel
Harper, Charise Mericle, author
Bent not broken : Madeline and Justin
Schultz Nicholson, Lorna, author
Moi, Malala : en luttant pour l'éducation, elle a changé le monde
Yousafzai, Malala, 1997- author.
Zig Zag en voyage
Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.
Absolument tout sur la météo
Furgang, Kathy, author.
Hokey Dowa Gerda and the Snowflake Girl
Matheson, M. J., 1953-, author.
Eighteen wheels and a dozen roses
Stellings, Caroline, 1961-, author, illustrator.
Mini wearables
Felix, Rebecca, 1984- author.
Mini science fun
Felix, Rebecca, 1984- author.
Mini holiday crafts
Felix, Rebecca, 1984- author.
Mini decorating
Felix, Rebecca, 1984- author.
Georgia : tous mes rêves chantent
Fombelle, Timothée de, 1973- author.
Poor Louie
Fucile, Tony, author.
Jabari jumps
Cornwall, Gaia, author, illustrator.
The hawk of the castle : a story of medieval falconry
Smith, Danna, author.
Dog night at the Story Zoo
Bar-el, Dan, author.
Doctor Strange
Irvine, Alexander (Alexander C.), author.
The Spooky Express. Canada
James, Eric, author
The Spooky Express. Toronto
James, Eric, author
All aboard the Spooky Express
James, Eric, author
Monster magic!
Depken, Kristen L, author.
Further associates of Sherlock Holmes
Roberts, Nora.
A catered tea party
Crawford, Isis.
Fox, Candice.
Space : (an eschew collection)
Sergel, Robert.
A new Christianity for a new world : why traditional faith is dying and how a new faith is being born
Spong, John Shelby.
The A.O.C. cookbook
Goin, Suzanne, 1966- author
Zero belly breakfasts : more than 100 recipes & nutrion secrets that help melt pounds all day, every day!
Zinczenko, David, author.
Glorious shade : dazzling plants, design ideas, and proven techniques for your shady garden
Carey, Jenny Rose, author.
Crocheted animal hats : 35 super simple hats to make for babies, kids, and the young at heart
Trench, Nicki, author.
Celtic cable crochet : 18 crochet patterns for modern cabled garments & accessories
Barker, Bonnie, author.
Escaping indigo
Lang, Eli, author
A friend of mr. Nijinsky
Soles, Caro, author
The outcasts of time
Mortimer, Ian, 1967- author
Leave myself behind
Yates, Bart, author.
The liberators of Willow Run
Martin, Marianne K., 1945- author.
Last breath
Slaughter, Karin.
Around the world in 120 salads : fresh, healthy, delicious
Caldesi, Katie, author.
Close to the machine : technophilia and its discontents
Ullman, Ellen.
He's not lazy : empowering your son to believe in himself
Price, Adam, (Psychologist), author.
Johnny's cash & Charley's pride : lasting legends and untold adventures in country music
Cooper, Peter Michael, author.
Crocheted gifts for baby : 30 colorful garments, toys, and must-have accessories for ages 0-2
Stiller, Jennifer, 1979- author.
The prime ministers of Canada
What a team!
Glass, Calliope.
Miffy goes ice-skating!
Testa, Maggie.
It's hockey time, Franklin!
Cooper, Jason.
Pony pirate party!
Belle, Magnolia.
Jungle chase!
Landers, Ace.
Famous friends & foes
Chlebowski, Rachel.
Healthy liver : keep your liver healthy and fatty free
Beer, Cris, author.
The unlikely redemption of John Alexander MacNeil : a novel
Choyce, Lesley, 1951- author
Dooby dooby moo
Cronin, Doreen.
Best friends
Cuyler, Margery.
Princess Pepa and the Royal Ball
Carbone, Courtney.
Alvin and the superheroes
Forte, Lauren.
Here come the Harlem Globetrotters
Dobrow, Larry.
Winter wishes
Depken, Kristen L.
Magnet power!
Huntley, Tex.
Cooking with the Grinch
Rabe, Tish.
Redbank, Tennant.
The great ice race
Melendez, Renee.
The amazing planet Earth
Emmons, Scott.
Showdown in space!
Carbone, Courtney.
Welcome to Super Hero High!
Carbone, Courtney.
Old racers, new racers
Tillworth, Mary.
Friends and foes
Belle, Magnolia.
Power up!
Schmidt, Rebecca L.
The North-West Mounted Police : 1873-85
Dunn, Jack F, author.
Portrait revolution : inspiration from around the world for creating art in multiple mediums and styles
A Dark and Broken Heart
Ellory, R. J.
White trash zombie unchained
Rowland, Diana.
The Chesapeake bride
Stewart, Mariah.
Eating the alphabet.
Horace Winter says goodbye
Bowman, Conor, author.
The hidden light of Northern fires : a novel
Wang, Daren, 1965- author.
To die in spring
Rothmann, Ralf, author.
Montpelier Parade
Geary, Karl, 1972- author.
The sworn virgin : a novel
Dukes, Kristopher, author
Soul survivor : a biography of Al Green
McDonough, Jimmy, author.
My absolute darling : a novel
Tallent, Gabriel, author.
A year of picnics : recipes for dining well in the great outdoors
English, Ashley, 1976- author
Start where you are : a guide to compassionate living
Chödrön, Pema, author.
Penny lane
Meister, Cari.
Batman : dino dilemma
Lemke, Donald.
The best video game ever
Forte, Lauren.
Pete the cat and the lost tooth
Dean, James.
Thomas and the piglets
Lert's build a snowman!
Depken, Kristen L.
My first yoga class
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin.
The Berenstain Bears play football!
Berenstain, Mike.
Go, Popplio!
Barbo, Maria S.
Break the ice! : Everest saves the day!
Carbone, Courtney.
Tyrannosaurus rex
Emmons, Scott.
Jingle pups.
Gods of the north
Coats, Lucy.
Mickey's Thanksgiving.
Thanks for Thanksgiving.
Road to Riverdale; volume 3
Deadpool 2099
Duggan, Gerry.
The Ninjago movie : junior novelization
Howard, Kate.
Enormous Suitcase.
Munsch, Robert
Receiving you loud and clear
Tales from the haunted pineapple
Hillenburg, Stephen.
Greatest hits : beep beep!
Travel Arendelle
Robin's guide to being cool(er)
Rusu, Meredith.
Bucket list adventures : 10 incredible journeys to experience before you die
White, Annette, author.
The Harvard Medical School guide to yoga : 8 weeks to strength, awareness, and flexibility
Wei, Marlynn, author.
Historia de un canalla
Navarro, Julia, 1953- author.
El niño terrible y la escritora maldita
Bayly, Jaime, 1965- author.
Los perros descalzos
Ruiz-Camacho, Antonio, 1973- author.
¿Tiene futuro Dios? : un enfoque práctico a la espiritualidad de nuestro tiempo
Chopra, Deepak, author.
Moḍarna belī : upanyāsa
Jośī, Bī. Ena, author.
Enchanted forest : an inky quest & coloring book for adults
Basford, Johanna.
La sorcière du palais : thriller judiciaire
Bérubé, Sophie, 1976-, author
An event in autumn
Mankell, Henning, 1948-2015, author
The dead husband project : stories
Meehan Sirk, Sarah, author
See what flowers
Mullen, Shannon (Teacher), author
Genius : the con
Gout, Leopoldo, author.
The dazzling heights
McGee, Katharine, author.
In other lands : a novel
Brennan, Sarah Rees, author.
The epic crush of Genie Lo
Yee, F. C, author.
The ends of the world
Hall, Maggie, 1982- author
Dress codes for small towns
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How to disappear
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Dead ringer
Daniels, B. J.
Grave errors
Perry, Carol J.
Buzzard bait
Cogburn, Brett.
Flintlock : hell's gate
Johnstone, William W.
The memoirs of Wild Bill Hickok and Shadow on the sun
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The laird s a bride
Berne, Lisa.
The pirate & I
Ashe, Katharine.
A covert affair
Mann, Susan.
Wild ride cowboy
Yates, Maisey.
Holiday in the Hamptons
Morgan, Sarah.
We'll bite your tail, Geronimo!
Stilton, Geronimo.
The fifth ward: first watch
Lucas, Dale.
Age of assassins
Barker, R. J.
Vixen Investigations: the mayoral affairs
Papa, Ashley.
The importance of being scandalous
Bell, Kimberly.
Need you
Finz, Stacy.
Whispering Pines
Dunn, Scarlett.
Braun, Matt.
A town called fury
Johnstone, William W.
Flash's dash
Bliss, Emily.
Emma moves in
Hutton, Clare.
A fairy's gift
Thorpe, Kiki.
Jasmine's new rules
Francis, Suzanne.
The secret of the lost tunnel
Dixon, Franklin W.
Sleepover sleuths
Keene, Carolyn.
Grievous attacks!
The tower of the Elf King
Abbot, Tony.
The magic escapes
Abbot, Tony.
Quest for the Queen
Abbot, Tony.
The moon scroll
Abbot, Tony.
The riddle of Zorfendorf Castle
Abbot, Tony.
The Knights of Silversnow
Abbot, Tony.
Peep and Egg : I'm not trick-or-treating.
Good night, sweetie.
Belle's winter adventure.
Trick or treat.
In my garden.
Touch and feel hockey.
My book of green.
My book of yellow.
The pumpkin patch.
Winter colorland.
Senécal, Patrick, 1967- author
Girard, Pascal, author
Pop gun war : gift
Dalrymple, Farel, author, illustrator.
Mon fol amour
Demers, Dominique, author
Selfies : la septième enquête du Département V : roman
Adler-Olsen, Jussi, author
Amerindia : essais d'ethnohistoire autochtone
Viau, Roland, 1954- author
Kerr, Philip, author
Bain de sang : polar
Pelletier, Jean-Jacques, author
Reversible scarves : curing the wrong side blues
Knight, Audrey, author.
The Queen of the North disaster : the captain's story
Henthorne, Colin, author.
Workshop mastery with Jimmy DiResta : a guide to working with metal, wood, plastic, and leather
DiResta, Jimmy, author.
Morbid curiosities : collections of the uncommon and the bizarre
Gambino, Paul, author.
Wuvable Oaf. Blood & metal
Luce, Ed, author.
In fox's forest
Colwell, Guy, 1945- author, artist.
Agatha : the real life of Agatha Christie
Martinetti, Anne, author.
Fear Street super thriller: nightmares
Stine, R. L.
Haikyu!!, Vol. 14 : quitter's battle
Furudate, Haruichi.
Oh, fudge!
Coco, Nancy.
Batman Noir : dark victory
Loeb, Jeph, author.
A little book on form : an exploration into the formal imagination of poetry
Hass, Robert, author.
Keeping my sisters' secrets
Marsh, Beezy, author
Still no word
Webb-Campbell, Shannon, 1983-
100 days of Cree
McLeod, Neal, author
From the tundra to the trenches
Weetaltuk, Eddy, 1932-2005, author
Lady be bad
Frampton, Megan.
Johanna's bridegroom
Miller, Emma.
A summer of firsts
Wiggs, Susan.
Mine till midnight
Kleypas, Lisa.
Dark forces
Leather, Stephen.
Veranda retreats
López-Cordero, Mario, author.
My sugar free baby and me
Schenker, Sarah, author.
Pantry and palate : remembering and rediscovering Acadian food
Thibault, Simon, 1976- author
Savage salads : fierce flavors, filling power-ups
Del Gatto, Davide, author.
Welcome to the farm : how-to wisdom from the Elliott homestead
Elliott, Shaye, author.
Ashes reborn : a souls of fire novel
Arthur, Keri.
Patterns of interference
Bennett, Christopher L.
The gate to futures past
Czerneda, Julie E.
Guinness World Records 2018
Guinness World Records (COR)
The stormy road to Canterlot
Chesterfield, Sadie, author.
Can't Hardly Breathe
Showalter, Gena
The resurrection of Joan Ashby : a novel
Wolas, Cherise, author.
Friends and enemies
McCullough, Kathy.
The littlest bigfoot
Weiner, Jennifer.
Miles, Ellen.
The darkness
Huddleston, Tom.
The professor and the puzzle
Keene, Carolyn.
Quakeland : on the road to America's next devastating earthquake
Miles, Kathryn, 1974- author
No is a four-letter word : how I failed spelling but succeeded in life
Jericho, Chris, author.
Iggie's house
Blume, Judy.
Griffith, Nicola.
Me and you and the red canoe
Pendziwol, Jean, author
Making the most of the anthropocene : facing the future
Denny, Mark, 1953- author.
A catered costume party : a mystery with recipes
Crawford, Isis, author.
Rebel angels
Bray, Libba.
The sweet far thing
Bray, Libba.
Shatter Your Senses!
Ripley's Believe It or Not (COR)
The secret sea
Lyga, Barry.
Kill screen
Sutherland, Joel A.
The house next door
Sutherland, Joel A.
Hyde, Natalie.
The winnowing
Vansickle, Vikki.
Need to know
Michaels, Fern, author.
The right time : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
A Shocking Assassination
Harrison, Cora
Texas fierce
Dailey, Janet, author.