New Books

Authenticity A Guide to Living in Harmony with Your True Self Authenticity A Guide to Living in Harmony with Your True Self
Posen, David, MD, Dr..
To Die but Once A Maisie Dobbs Novel To Die but Once A Maisie Dobbs Novel
Winspear, Jacqueline.
Murder Among the Pines Murder Among the Pines
Reynolds, John Lawrence.
Find You in the Dark Find You in the Dark
Ripley, Nathan.
Dead Calm Dead Calm
Ryan, Annelise.
Enlightenment Now The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress Enlightenment Now The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress
Pinker, Steven.
The Unforgotten A Novel The Unforgotten A Novel
Powell, Laura.
Dangerous Crossing A Novel Dangerous Crossing A Novel
Rhys, Rachel.
The French Girl The French Girl
Elliott, Lexie.
Look for Her A Novel Look for Her A Novel
Winslow, Emily.
Truth and Lies What People Are Really Thinking Truth and Lies What People Are Really Thinking
Bowden, Mark; Thomson, Tracey.
Endure Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance Endure Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance
Hutchinson, Alex.
Look for Me Look for Me
Gardner, Lisa.
The Great Alone A Novel The Great Alone A Novel
Hannah, Kristin.
Everything Happens for a Reason And Other Lies I Everything Happens for a Reason And Other Lies I've Loved
Bowler, Kate.
Jackie, Janet & Lee The Secret Lives of Janet Auchincloss and Her Daughters, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwill Jackie, Janet & Lee The Secret Lives of Janet Auchincloss and Her Daughters, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwill
Taraborrelli, J. Randy.
Lands of Lost Borders Out of Bounds on the Silk Road Lands of Lost Borders Out of Bounds on the Silk Road
Harris, Kate.
This Fallen Prey A Rockton Thriller (City of the Lost 3) This Fallen Prey A Rockton Thriller (City of the Lost 3)
Armstrong, Kelley.
The Woman in the Window A Novel The Woman in the Window A Novel
Finn, A. J..
Crushing It! How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence—and How You Can, Too Crushing It! How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence—and How You Can, Too
Vaynerchuk, Gary.
Still Me A Novel Still Me A Novel
Moyes, Jojo.
Watch Me A Gripping Psychological Thriller Watch Me A Gripping Psychological Thriller
Gehrman, Jody.
How Democracies Die How Democracies Die
Levitsky, Steven; Ziblatt, Daniel.
The Secret, Book & Scone Society The Secret, Book & Scone Society
Adams, Ellery.
A Reckoning in the Back Country A Samuel Craddock Mystery A Reckoning in the Back Country A Samuel Craddock Mystery
Shames, Terry.
The Vanity Fair Diaries 1983 - 1992 The Vanity Fair Diaries 1983 - 1992
Brown, Tina.
Endurance Shackleton¿s Incredible Voyage Endurance Shackleton¿s Incredible Voyage
Lansing, Alfred.
Just Between Us A Novel Just Between Us A Novel
Drake, Rebecca.
Draft Animals Living the Pro Cycling Dream (Once in a While) Draft Animals Living the Pro Cycling Dream (Once in a While)
Gaimon, Phil.
A Darkness Absolute A Rockton Thriller (City of the Lost 2) A Darkness Absolute A Rockton Thriller (City of the Lost 2)
Armstrong, Kelley.
An Unsettling Crime for Samuel Craddock A Samuel Craddock Mystery An Unsettling Crime for Samuel Craddock A Samuel Craddock Mystery
Shames, Terry.
12 Rules for Life An Antidote to Chaos 12 Rules for Life An Antidote to Chaos
Peterson, Jordan B..
Thin Air Thin Air
Cleeves, Ann.
Dead Water Dead Water
Cleeves, Ann.
Red Bones Red Bones
Cleeves, Ann.
Killjoy Killjoy
Cleeves, Ann.
A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy
Cleeves, Ann.
Murder in My Backyard Murder in My Backyard
Cleeves, Ann.
The Baby-Snatcher The Baby-Snatcher
Cleeves, Ann.
White Nights White Nights
Cleeves, Ann.
A Lesson in Dying A Lesson in Dying
Cleeves, Ann.
Blue Lightning Blue Lightning
Cleeves, Ann.
Raven Black Raven Black
Cleeves, Ann.
Born to Run Born to Run
Springsteen, Bruce.
The Bands of Mourning A Mistborn Novel The Bands of Mourning A Mistborn Novel
Sanderson, Brandon.
Cold Feet at Christmas Cold Feet at Christmas
Johnson, Debbie.
How Not to Die Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease How Not to Die Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease
Greger, M.D., Michael; Stone, Gene.
Shadows of Self A Mistborn Novel Shadows of Self A Mistborn Novel
Sanderson, Brandon.
The Bone Labyrinth A Sigma Force Novel The Bone Labyrinth A Sigma Force Novel
Rollins, James.
Blood Infernal The Order of the Sanguines Series Blood Infernal The Order of the Sanguines Series
Rollins, James; Cantrell, Rebecca.
A Deadly Affair at Bobtail Ridge A Samuel Craddock Mystery
Shames, Terry.
Total Temptation A Club Ecstasy Novella
Gaines, Alice.
Sinful Rewards 8 A Billionaires and Bikers Novella
Sax, Cynthia.
Dead Broke in Jarrett Creek A Samuel Craddock Mystery
Shames, Terry.
Chariandy, David.
Zoe's Tale An Old Man's War Novel
Scalzi, John.
12 Shades of Surrender Under His Hand\A Paris Affair\The Envelope Incident\The Challenge\Taste of Pleasure\Night Moves
Calhoun, Anne; Cole, Adelaide; Elmwood, Emelia; Hart, Megan; Jones, Lisa Renee; Bradley, Eden.
Three Nights with a Scoundrel
Dare, Tessa.
One Dance with a Duke
Dare, Tessa.
Twice Tempted by a Rogue
Dare, Tessa.
A Lady of Persuasion
Dare, Tessa.
The Well of Ascension Book Two of Mistborn
Sanderson, Brandon.
The Hero of Ages Book Three of Mistborn
Sanderson, Brandon.
The Ghost Brigades
Scalzi, John.
Mistborn The Final Empire
Sanderson, Brandon.
The Short Novels of John Steinbeck (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)
Steinbeck, John.
Innocent Blood The Order of the Sanguines Series
Rollins, James; Cantrell, Rebecca.
A Red Hot Valentine's Day
Michaels, Jess; Danes, Lacy; Hart, Megan; Kessler, Jackie.
The Bride Wore Size 12 A Novel
Cabot, Meg.
Size 12 and Ready to Rock A Heather Wells Mystery
Cabot, Meg.
Big Boned
Cabot, Meg.
Size 14 Is Not Fat Either
Cabot, Meg.
Size 12 Is Not Fat A Heather Wells Mystery
Cabot, Meg.
God's Politics Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It
Wallis, Jim.
Breaking All the Rules An Erotic Novella
Sax, Cynthia.
Flashes of Me An Erotic Novella
Sax, Cynthia.
The Last Death of Jack Harbin A Samuel Craddock Mystery
Shames, Terry.
A Killing at Cotton Hill A Samuel Craddock Mystery
Shames, Terry.
The Grapes of Wrath
Steinbeck, John.
East of Eden
Steinbeck, John.
The Alloy of Law A Mistborn Novel
Sanderson, Brandon.
Vincent family
Law, Henry, author
The Law family : the century-old Law family farm
Law, Henry, author
GED test prep 2018.
A well-timed murder
De Hahn, Tracee, author.
Mallet family
Law, Henry, author
Mowbray family
Law, Henry, author
Glory in death
Robb, J. D., 1950-
Naked in death
Robb, J. D., 1950-
The art of quilling paper jewelry : techniques & projects for metallic earrings & pendants
Martin, Ann, 1954 July 5- author.
I am nobody : confronting the sexually abusive coach who stole my life
Gilhooly, Greg.
Marshall family
Law, Henry, author
When violence is the answer : learning how to do what it takes when your life is at stake
Larkin, Tim (Self-defense instructor), author.
Vintage saints and sinners : 25 Christians who transformed my faith
Marsh, Karen Wright, 1961- author.
Boxbury family
Law, Henry, author
An ocean apart : a novel
Pilcher, Robin.
Hardt, Helen, author.
Houseplant handbook
Squire, David, 1938- author.
Blood, sweat, and pixels : the triumphant, turbulent stories behind how video games are made
Schreier, Jason, author.
The cat of the Baskervilles
Delany, Vicki, 1951- author.
The Château
Goldberg, Paul, 1959- author.
Wentworth family
Law, Henry, author
Twist of faith
Green, Ellen J., author.
Taylor family
Law, Henry, author
Moton family, Ferrier/Farrier family
Law, Henry, author
Totenais family
Law, Henry, author
Law family
Law, Henry, author
Darcy family
Law, Henry, author
Gerard family
Law, Henry, author
Bonbury family
Law, Henry, author
Blount family
Law, Henry, author
Bohun family
Law, Henry, author
Ferrier family, Moton family
Law, Henry, author
Three little piggy banks
George, Pamela, 1969- author
Jenkin family
Law, Henry, author
Grenville family
Law, Henry, author
Bourchier family
Law, Henry, author
Goddie family
Law, Henry, author
Cookman family
Law, Henry, author
Cheney family
Law, Henry, author
Clark family
Law, Henry, author
Henry Cookman
Law, Henry, author
Angel astrology 101 : discover the angels connected with your birth chart
Virtue, Doreen, 1958-
Harcourt family
Law, Henry, author
Mott family
Law, Henry, author
Help me, Mr. Mutt! : Expert answers for dogs with people problems
Stevens, Janet
Better together
George, K. (Kallie), 1983- author
Hill Country reunion
Johnson, Myra
A cold day in hell
Redmond, Lissa Marie, author.
The blessing way
Hillerman, Tony.
Dance hall of the dead
Hillerman, Tony.
Listening woman
Hillerman, Tony.
The fear within : a thriller
Law, J. S., author.
The redemption of Galen Pike
Davies, Carys, author.
Forty dead men
Casey, Donis, author.
Shadow play
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia, author
The Rufus spy
Clare, Alys, author
Olson, Karen E., author
Dry bones
Spencer, Sally, author
Saffron lane
Jacobs, Anna, author
Free from all danger
Nickson, Chris, author
She-Hulk, Vol. 2 : let them eat cake
Tamaki, Mariko.
Mad genius tips : over 90 expert hacks + 100 delicious recipes
Chapple, Justin, author.
Modern Needlepoint
Schofield, Jayne, author.
MacOS Sierra for seniors : learn step by step how to work with MacOS Sierra.
C# programming for absolute beginners
Vystavěl, Radek, author.
Hotel silence
Auður A. Ólafsdóttir, 1958- author.
C# 7.0 all-in-one
Mueller, John, 1958- author.
Nim in action
Picheta, Dominik, author.
Bowen, Jan, author.
Digital Ogichida
Wheeler, Jordan, 1964- author
My neighbor Seki : volume 10
Morishige, Takuma.
My neighbor Seki : volume 9
Morishige, Takuma.
More to love
Bliss, Alison.
Mephisto Waltz : A Max Liebermann Mystery
Tallis, F. R.
101 dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles.
The wonderful habits of rabbits.
Mission : fun.
The taster
Alexander, V.S.
Luckiest cowboy of all
Brown, Carolyn
Margaret Wise Brown's : The golden egg book.
If you were my bunny
McMullan, Kate
The art of vanishing : a memoir of wanderlust
Smith, Laura, 1986- author.
The ghost notebooks
Dolnick, Ben, author.
We Are Taking Only What We Need : Stories
Watts, Stephanie Powell
Tips for Living
Shafransky, Renee
Holliday, Scott J.
I wrote this book because I love you : essays
Kreider, Tim, author.
Country music hoedown!.
Good night, good night.
Colors of love.
100 first words, lift-the-flap .
Touch and lift peek-a-who?.
Around the farm.
What's in my house?.
One special day .
Good night dozers.
Good night bedtime .
Open very carefully.
My heart is bright!
Tillworth, Mary
Olaf waits for spring
Saxon, Victoria
Adventures with Grandpa!
Huntley, Tex, author.
Carlos's scavenger hunt
Brody, Jessica, author.
Pinksie Pie steps up
Berrow, G.M.
Memory repair protocol : powerful strategies to enhance your memory
Wilds, Brian.
Breaking cover : my secret life in the CIA and what it taught me about what's worth fighting for
Assad, Michele Rigby, author.
Family, friends and furry creatures
Pichon, Liz.
Shade, the changing girl, Vol. 2 : little runaway
Castellucci, Cecil.
Mickey Mouse : the magnificent Doublejoke
Castellan, Andrea.
Duck tales : treasure trove
Caramanga, Joe.
Tales from the crypt
Blanch, Christina.
Superman : the coming of the Supermen
Adams, Neal, 1941- author, artist.
My heart lies in the 90s
Gallagher, Monica.
Takane & Hana, 1
Shiwasu, Yuki.
One piece, Vol. 85
Oda, Eiichiro
Healthy air fryer cookbook : 100 great recipes with fewer calories and less fat!
White, Dana Angelo, author.
Chinese soul food : a friendly guide for homemade dumplings, stir-fries, soups, and more
Chou, Hsiao-Ching, 1972- author.
The measure of a man : the story of a father, a son, and a suit
Lee, J. J. (James-Jason), author
A Parkinson's primer : an indispensable guide to Parkinson's disease for patients and their families
Vine, John M, author.
Our time has come : how India is making its place in the world
Ayres, Alyssa, author.
Sams teach yourself Java in 24 hours
Cadenhead, Rogers, author.
Endure : mind, body, and the curiously elastic limits of human performance
Hutchinson, Alex, author.
The planets : photographs from the archives of NASA
Nataraj, Nirmala, author
MacKenzie, Brian, 1974- author.
Big potential : how transforming the pursuit of success raises our achievement, happiness, and well-being
Achor, Shawn, author.
Built-ins idea book
Paper, Heather J, author.
Stanley outdoor projects : a homeowner's guide
Schiff, David, 1955- author.
A thousand consolations : a novel
Roorda, Julie, author
The heart balm tort
Kellough, Janet, author
This insubstantial pageant
Story, Kate, author.
Five roses
Zorn, Alice, author
Purple palette for murder
Harlick, R. J., 1946- author
Wingfield's world : the complete letters from Wingfield farm
Needles, Dan.
Don't tell me what to do : stories
Del Bucchia, Dina, 1979- author
Analyzing Sylvia Plath : an academic mystery
Walsh, Alice, 1958- author
Has the world ended yet? : stories
Darbyshire, Peter, 1967- author
Fender : a novel
Jones, Brent, author
Hippie food : how back-to-the-landers, longhairs, and revolutionaries changed the way we eat
Kauffman, Jonathan, author.
Arctic blue death
Harlick, R. J., 1946- author
The river runs orange
Harlick, R. J., 1946- author
Rose & Poe : a fable
Todd, Jack, 1946- author
Middle-aged boys & girls
Bracuk, Diane, 1955- author
Readopolis : a novel
Laverdure, Bertrand, 1967- author
Death's golden whisper
Harlick, R. J., 1946- author
A cold white fear
Harlick, R. J., 1946- author
A green place for dying : a Meg Harris mystery
Harlick, R. J., 1946- author
Life after God
Coupland, Douglas.
Innocent murderer
Kingsmill, Suzanne F., author
Forever dead
Kingsmill, Suzanne F., author
Code of honor
Hunter, Erin, author.
Ducks away!
Fox, Mem, 1946- author.
Dragon bones
McMann, Lisa, author.
The problim children
Lloyd, Natalie, author.
The Terrible Two go wild
Barnett, Mac, author.
Olympus bound
Brodsky, Jordanna Max, author.
The philosopher's flight : a novel
Miller, Tom, author.
Hormonal : the hidden intelligence of hormones-- how they drive desire, shape relationships, influence our choices, and make us wiser
Haselton, Martie Gail, 1970- author.
A dangerous crossing
Khan, Ausma Zehanat, author.
Deep river night : a novel
Lane, Patrick, author
Three things about Elsie
Cannon, Joanna (Psychiatrist)
The source : how rivers made America and America remade its rivers
Doyle, Martin, author.
Sex in the sea : our intimate connection with sex-changing fish, romantic lobsters, kinky squid, and other salty erotica of the deep
Hardt, Marah J., 1978- author.
Crochet taxidermy : 30 quirky animal projects, from mouse to moose
Hart, Taylor, author.
Boost your breast milk : an all-in-one guide for nursing mothers to build a healthy milk supply
Simpson, Alicia C, author.
Kadian journal : a father's memoir
Harding, Thomas, 1968- author.
How can I talk if my lips don't move : inside my autistic mind
Mukhopadhyay, Tito Rajarshi, author.
Surveillance valley : the secret military history of the Internet
Levine, Yasha, author.
Ido in Autismland : climbing out of Autism's silent prison
Kedar, Ido, author.
Living in the eye : life with autism
Vasey, J. Kevin, 1969-, author.
Clark, Gregor.
The modern organic home : 100+ DIY cleaning products, organization tips, and household hacks
Wise, Natalie, author.
Sams teach yourself Go : next generation systems programming with Golang : in 24 hours
Ornbo, George, 1977- author.
The great stain : witnessing American slavery
Rae, Noel (Noel Martin Douglas), author.
How New York breaks your heart
Hayes, Bill, 1961- author.
The queen of hearts
Martin, Kimmery, author.
Wallis in love : the untold life of the Duchess of Windsor, the woman who changed the monarchy
Morton, Andrew, 1953- author.
Not Perfect
Laban, Elizabeth
Where the wild cherries grow : a novel of the South of France
Madeleine, Laura, author.
The food therapist : create a healthier relationship with food to look and feel your absolute best
Lenchewski, Shira, author.
The lost girls of camp forevermore
Fu, Kim, author.
Mrs. : a novel
Macy, Caitlin, author.
Farewell to the horse : a cultural history
Raulff, Ulrich, 1950- author.
Driest season : a novel
Kenny, Meghan, 1974- author.
Mein Laufrad
Nahrgang, Frauke, 1951-
Comptines et chansons du papagaio : le Brésil et le Portugal en 30 comptines
La grande musique à la portée de tous : les compositeurs
Ricignuolo, Claudio.
Once upon a jungle
Knowles, Laura.
With your family
Gurtler, Janet, author.
In your school
Gurtler, Janet, author.
In your country
Gurtler, Janet, author.
Xanathar's guide to everything
100 scientists who made history : remarkable scientists who shaped our world
Mills, Andrea, author.
Princess hair
Miller, Sharee (Illustrator), author, illustrator.
Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Edna, the very first chicken
Rees, Douglas, author.
Luna loves library day
Coelho, Joseph, author
Sweet revenge : passive-aggressive desserts for your exes & enemies
Kim, Heather, author.
Night moves : an Alex Delaware novel
Kellerman, Jonathan, author.
The legacy : a thriller
Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, author.
Death in the stars
Brody, Frances, author.
Song of a captive bird : a novel
Darznik, Jasmin, 1973- author.
The Self-Driven Child : The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control over Their Lives
Johnson, Ned/ Stixrud, William
Sadness is a white bird
Rothman-Zecher, Moriel, author.
White houses : a novel
Bloom, Amy, 1953- author.
In full flight : a story of Africa and atonement
Heminway, John Hylan, 1944- author.
The triumph of Christianity : how a forbidden religion swept the world
Ehrman, Bart D, author.
How to turn down a billion dollars : the Snapchat story
Gallagher, Billy, 1992- author.
Emezi, Akwaeke, author.
The Kremlin's candidate : a novel
Matthews, Jason, 1951- author
Leftover in China : the women shaping the world's next superpower
Lake, Roseann, author.
Poison : a novel
Lescroart, John T, author.
Surprise me : a novel
Kinsella, Sophie, author
Nils Karlsson-Däumling
Lindgren, Astrid, author. 1907-2002
Waiting for Birdy : a year of frantic tedium, neurotic angst, and the wild magic of growing a family
Newman, Catherine, 1968- author.
Michel und Klein-Ida aus Lönneberga
Lindgren, Astrid, author. 1907-2002
The candida cure : the 90-day program to balance your gut, beat candida, and restore vibrant health
Boroch, Ann, author.
The Women'sHealth fitness fix : quick HIIT workouts, easy recipes, and stress-free strategies for managing a healthy life
Ator, Jen, author.
The best Canadian poetry in English
This is what happened : a thriller
Herron, Mick, author.
Wild justice : a medieval mystery
Royal, Priscilla, author.
The cardinals caper
Kelly, David A.
Sherlock Gnomes : movie novelization
Tillworth, Mary.
Isadora Moon goes to the ballet
Muncaster, Harriet.
Super Rabbit Boy vs. Super Rabbit Boss!
Flintham, Thomas.
Preserving : jams, jellies, pickles and more
Wilson, Carol (Carol Ann), 1952- author
Bodden, Valerie, author.
In your activities
Gurtler, Janet, author.
Being a friend
Gurtler, Janet, author.
Les emplois dans les villes canadiennes
Bailey, Diane, 1966- auteur.
Les emplois dans les banlieues canadiennes
Kortemeier, Todd, 1986- author.
Les emplois dans les régions rurales canadiennes
Kortemeier, Todd, 1986- author.
Les emplois dans les petites municipalités canadiennes
Bell, Samantha, author.
Les amusements et les jeux canadiens
Morrow, Paula, author.
Les canadiens à la maison
Gitlin, Marty, author
Les célébrations canadiennes
Kortemeier, Todd, 1986- auteur.
Missing in Blue Mesa
Myers, Cindi.
Les canadiens à l'école
Doyle, Sheri, author
Missing in Blue Mesa
Myers, Cindi.
Les canadiens au travail
Gitlin, Marty, author
L'alimentation et les traditions canadiennes
Doyle, Sheri, author.
What the world needs now is love
Bacharach, Burt, author.
I always wondered about that : 101 questions and answers about science and other stuff
Scheckel, Larry, author.
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Focus on momentum
Forest, Christopher, author.
Focus on magnetism
Forest, Christopher, author.
Bad princess : true tales from behind the tiara
Waldherr, Kris, author.
Where is Machu Picchu?
Stine, Megan, author.
Where is our solar system?
Sabol, Stephanie, author.
I love kisses
McFarlane, Sheryl, 1954- author
Dolphins : voices in the ocean
Casey, Susan, 1962- author.
Outrageous animal adaptations : from big-eared bats to frill-necked lizards
Rosen, Michael J., 1954- author.
The self-esteem habit for teens : 50 simple ways to build your confidence every day
Schab, Lisa M, author.
Make friends
Dillard, Sarah.
Secured by the SEAL
Ericson, Carol.
Ranger defender
Morgan, Angi.
The bachelor's baby
Ross, Mia.
Out of the darkness
Graham, Heather.
The God game
Round, Jeffrey, author
The charmer : A hot romantic comedy
Flynn, Avery.
A man for honor
Miller, Emma.
Appalachian prey
Herbert, Debbie.
Loving baby
Snell, Tyler Anne.
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Fun experiments with electricity
Ives, Rob, author.
Epic Lego adventures : with bricks you already have
Dees, Sarah, author.
Sous vide basics : 100+ recipes for perfect results
Nutt, Jay, 1966-
An American marriage
Jones, Tayari, author.
The odyssey of Echo Company : the 1968 Tet Offensive and the epic battle to survive the Vietnam War
Stanton, Doug, author.
By the book : a novel
Sonneborn, Julia, author.
Things to do when it's raining
Stapley, Marissa, author.
Geoffrey Chaucer : a new introduction
Wallace, David.
You will be mine
Preston, Natasha
The mutts spring diaries
McDonnell, Patrick.
Children of the whales, Volume 2
Umeda, Abi.
Miwa, Shirow.
Over the garden wall, Volume three
Burgos, Danielle.
Thanos, Vol. 2 : the god quarry
Lemire, Jeff.
Black Panther prelude
Pilgrim, Will Corona.
Regal academy, Vol 1 : a school for fairy tales
Adventure time, Vol. 11 : princess and princess
Sorese, Jeremy.
Assassin's creed : uprising, Vol. 2 : inflection point
Paknadel, Alex.
Doctor Strange, Vol. 5 : secret empire
Hopeless, Dennis.
Aquaman, Vol. 4 : underworld
Abnett, Dan.
Non non biyori, Vol. 9
Atto (Mangaka)
Star trek : boldly go, Vol. 2
Johnson, Mike.
Orphan black : deviations
Kennedy, Heli.
Batman beyond, Vol. 2 : rise of the demon
Jurgens, Dan.
Harley Quinn, Vol. 4 : surprise, surprise
Palmiotti, Jimmy.
Monsters unleashed, Vol. 1 : monster mash
Bunn, Cullen.
Mummies at the museum
Yee, Wong Herbert.
Wake up, sleeping beauty, 2
Morino, Megumi.
Black bolt, Vol. 1 : hard time
Ahmed, Saladin.
The defenders, Vol. 1 : diamonds are forever
Bendis, Brian Michael.
Rocket : the Blue River score
Ewing, Al.
Cable, Vol. 1 : conquest
Robinson, James.
The spinning magnet : the force that created the modern world and could destroy it
Mitchell, Alanna, author
Lands of lost borders : out of bounds on the Silk Road
Harris, Kate, 1982- author
The observations
Harris, Jane.
Eat local, taste global : how ethnocultural food reaches our tables
Filson, Glen C., 1947- author
Mary Ann Cotton : dark angel : Britain's first female serial killer
Connolly, Martin, 1951- author
Shaman's crossing
Hobb, Robin, author.
The mill : fifty years of pulp and protest
Baxter, Joan, author
A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago Style for students and researchers
Turabian, Kate L., author
Healing from the inside out : overcome chronic disease and radically change your life
Naeem, Nauman, M.D.
Breaking disaster : newspaper stories of the Halifax explosion
Ingram, Katie.
Pure land : a true story of three lives, three cultures, and the search for heaven on earth
McGivney, Annette.
Kidnapped : the tragic life of J. Paul Getty III
Fox, Charles, 1942-2012, author.
The creative family manifesto : encouraging imagination and nurturing family connections
Soule, Amanda Blake, author.
The cafe in fir tree park
Lovell, Katey.
5 types of people who can ruin your life : identifying and dealing with narcissists, sociopaths, and other high-conflict personalities
Eddy, William A, author.
Quick & easy quilts : 20 modern machine-quilting projects
Goldsworthy, Lynne, author.
The low-FODMAP diet step by step : a personalized plan to relieve the symptoms of IBS and other digestive disorders : with more than 130 deliciously satisying recipes
Scarlata, Kate, author.
The Modern enneagram : discover who you are and who you can be
Berghoef, Kacie.
No more mean girls : the secret to raising strong, confident, and compassionate girls
Hurley, Katie, author.
The NHL : 100 years in pictures & stories
Duff, Bob.
This will be my undoing : living at the Intersection of black, female, and feminist in (white) America
Jerkins, Morgan, author.
How to be single and happy : science-based strategies for keeping your sanity while looking for a soul mate
Taitz, Jennifer L., author.
Cat & mouse
Patterson, James, 1947-
The line becomes a river : dispatches from the border
Cantú, Francisco (Essayist), author.
My Last Love Story
Kothari, Falguni
I've got this round : more tales of debauchery
Hart, Mamrie, 1983- author.
Wicked charm
Hart, Amber
Bobsled and luge
Waxman, Laura Hamilton, author.
Waxman, Laura Hamilton, author.
Dalio, Ray, 1949- author.
The art of flower arranging
Pryke, Paula, author.
The watercolorist's essential notebook : keep painting!
MacKenzie, Gordon, 1939- author.
Pure watercolour painting : classic techniques for creating radiant landscapes
Cronin, Peter, author.
Realistic painting : a complete guide.
The taste of empire : how Britain's quest for food shaped the modern world
Collingham, E. M. (Elizabeth M.), author.
Bold baby crochet : 30 modern & colorful projects for baby
Uys, Dedri, author.
Making concrete pots, bowls, & platters : 35 stylish and simple projects for the home and garden
Van Overbeek, Hester, author.
Asperger syndrome in adulthood : a comprehensive guide for clinicians
Stoddart, Kevin P., 1962- author.
Typed words, loud voices
Happiness is a choice you make : lessons from a year among the oldest old
Leland, John, 1959- author.
Dr. Jordan Metzl's running strong : the sports doctor's complete guide to staying healthy and injury-free for life
Metzl, Jordan D., 1966- author
Horse soldiers : the extraordinary story of a band of U.S. soldiers who rode to victory in Afghanistan
Stanton, Doug.
A river in darkness : one man's escape from North Korea
Ishikawa, Masaji, author.
I'd like you more if you were more like me : getting real about getting close
Ortberg, John, author.
How to think : a survival guide for a world at odds
Jacobs, Alan, 1958- author.
Your best year ever : a 5-step plan for achieving your most important goals
Hyatt, Michael S, author.
Women & power : a manifesto
Beard, Mary, 1955- author.
The unforgotten : a novel
Powell, Laura (Writer and editor), author.
Burke, Sue, 1955- author.
The cruelty
Bergstrom, Scott.
Prisoner B-3087
Gratz, Alan, 1972-
A short history of the girl next door
Reck, Jared, author.
The last girl on Earth
Blogier, Alexandra, author.
Reign of the Fallen
Marsh, Sarah Glenn
The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza
Hutchinson, Shaun David
The Dangerous Art of Blending in
Surmelis, Angelo
The defiant : a Valiant novel
Livingston, Lesley, author.
All we can do is wait
Lawson, Richard (Film critic), author.
Blood and sand
Wyk, C. V, author.
The lawman's runaway bride
Johns, Patricia
Her secret daughter
Herne, Ruth Logan
Hill country reunion
Johnson, Myra.
The Santa Fe trail
Compton, Ralph.
A gift of grace
Clipston, Amy.
Highland conquest
McLayne, Alyson.
The color of love
Sala, Sharon.
Bought with the Italian's ring
Pammi, Tara.
Redemption of a ruthless billionaire
Ellis, Lucy.
Rags to riches baby
Laurence, Andrea.
Rich rancher's redemption
Child, Maureen.
For the sake of his heir
Rock, Joanne.
Between marriage and merger
Booth, Karen.
His temptation, her secret
Dunlop, Barbara.
The baby claim
Mann, Catherine.
Little leaders : bold women in black history
Harrison, Vashti, author.
Reign the earth
Gaughen, A. C, author.
The last to let go
Smith, Amber, 1982- author.
American panda
Chao, Gloria, 1986- author.
The Hazel Wood
Albert, Melissa, author.
Meet the wellie wishers
Batman is kind
Spinner, Cala.
Speed skating
Waxman, Laura Hamilton, author.
I am loved
Giovanni, Nikki, author.
One fun day with Lewis Carroll : a celebration of wordplay and a girl named Alice
Krull, Kathleen, author.
Tilly and Tank
Fleck, Jay.
Band on the run
Fagan, Cary.
Dragon overnight
Mlynowski, Sarah, author
Bagel in love
Wing, Natasha, author.
Click, clack, moo : I love you!
Cronin, Doreen, author.
Clairvoyant and present danger : a Bay Island psychic mystery
Gregory, Lena
Homey don't play that! : the story of In living color and the black comedy revolution
Peisner, David, author.
The heart is a shifting sea : love and marriage in Mumbai
Flock, Elizabeth, author.
Directorate S : the C.I.A. and America's secret wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Coll, Steve, author.
Brotopia : breaking up the boys' club of Silicon Valley
Chang, Emily, author.
Regular show, volume ten
Rupert, Mad.
Juliet saves the day!
Dingee, A.E.
Date with disaster
Fontana, Shea.
Great explorers
Buckley, James Jr.
You are a lion! : and other fun yoga poses.
Peter Rabbit : based on the major new movie
Kaponis, Nicolette.
Everything happens for a reason : and other lies I've loved
Bowler, Kate, author.
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Czech & Slovak Republics
Pernal, Marek, 1956- author.
Top 10 Singapore
Eveland, Jennifer, author.
Access 2016 in easy steps
McGrath, Mike, 1956- author.
The creeps : the deep dark fears collection
Krause, Fran, author, illustrator.
Verax : the true story of whistleblowers, drone warfare, and mass surveillance
Chatterjee, Pratap, author.
First year out : a transition story
Symington, Sabrina, author, illustrator.
Park bench
Chabouté, 1967- author, artist.
Robots vs fairies
Cast in deception
Sagara, Michelle.
Arrow : fatal legacies
Tuck, James R.
Texas-sized trouble
Fossen, Delores.
Elisha Daemon
Ambrose, E. C.
A devil in Scotland
Enoch, Suzanne.
The mountain valley war : a novel
L'amour, Louis.
Jenkins, Beverly.
Survive the night
Ruggle, Katie.
The river below
Hill, Bonnie Hearn, 1945- author
The idiot : a novel in four parts
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881, author
The unquiet
Connolly, John, 1968- author.
Self, Will, author.
Gonzalez, Christina Diaz, 1969- author.
No time to lose : the fifth journey through time
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Fun experiments with forces and motion
Ives, Rob, author.
On our street : our first talk about poverty
Roberts, Jillian, 1971- author.
Truly Devious
Johnson, Maureen, 1973- author.
Shusterman, Neal, author.
Holland, Sara, author.
Tempests and slaughter : a Tortall legend
Pierce, Tamora, author.
Peter Pan : Cinestory comic
Play! Play! Play!
Bath! Bath! Bath!
When spring comes.
Big Hero 6 the series : Baymax returns : cinestory comic
Marco impossible
Moskowitz, Hannah.
The trouble with twins
Siebel, Kathryn.
Long Fin Silver
Ocean, Davy.
Rock stars! : true stories of extreme climbing adventures!
Bramucci, Steve.
Three's a crowd
Kear, Nicole C.
Eyes on the prize
Kear, Nicole C.
The case of the unsuitable suitor
Ace, Cathy, 1960- author
Death of all things seen
Collins, Michael, 1964- author
We'll always have Paris
Watson, Sue, 1966- author
The maze at Windermere
Smith, Gregory Blake, author.
They know not what they do
Valtonen, Jussi, author.
Beneath the darkest sky
Overstreet, Jason, author.
Valensteins : (a love story)
Long, Ethan, author, illustrator.
Out of the darkness
Graham, Heather
Loving baby
Snell, Tyler Anne
Don't bargain with the devil
Jeffries, Sabrina.
Ranger defender
Morgan, Angi.
A cowboy for the twins
Aarsen, Carolyne.
The tooth fairy's royal visit
Bently, Peter
Gnome, sweet gnome
Gallo, Tina.
Adventure to Wishing Star waterfall
Olsen, Leigh
The great train mystery.
Tango down
Knopf, Chris, author.
In a cottage in a wood
Green, Cass, 1965- author
Season of blood
Westerson, Jeri, author
Why mummy drinks : the diary of an exhausted mum
Sims, Gill, author
War stories : gripping tales of courage, cunning and compassion
Snow, Peter, 1938-
Becoming myself : a psychiatrist's memoir
Yalom, Irvin D., 1931- author.
Brave enough
Strayed, Cheryl, 1968- author.
The crown : the official companion. Volume 1, Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, and the making of a young queen (1947-1955)
Lacey, Robert, author.
Dare to sketch : a guide to drawing and sketching on the go
Scheinberger, Felix, author.
How to break a boy
Devore, Laurie.
Asking for it
O'Neill, Louise.
Before I let go
Nijkamp, Marieke, author.
Rose blood
Howard, A. G.
Devil's advocate
Maberry, Jonathan.
The release
Isbell, Tom.
The sky between you and me
Alene, Catherine.
Ones and zeroes : A mirador novel
Wells, Dan.
Unraveling Oliver : a novel
Nugent, Liz.
Patricia Heaton's food for family and friends : 100 favorite recipes for a busy, happy life
Heaton, Patricia, 1958- author.
Mackintosh furniture : techniques & shop drawings for 30 designs
Crow, Michael (Woodworker), author.
Floortime strategies to promote development in children and teens: a user's guide to the DIR® model
Davis, Andrea Lee, 1961- author
Birds of Canada
A taste of Italy : 100 traditional, homestyle recipes
Carrara, Damiano, author.
Beautiful bundts : 100 recipes for delicious cakes & more
Hession, Julie Anne, author
Basic witches : how to summon success, banish drama, and raise hell with your coven
Saxena, Jaya, author.
The art of screen time : how your family can balance digital media and real life
Kamenetz, Anya, 1980- author.
The longevity code : secrets to living well for longer from the front lines of science
Verburgh, Kris, 1986- author
The gone world
Sweterlitsch, Tom, author.
The friend
Nunez, Sigrid, author.
Beautiful days : stories
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- author.
The unmaking of the president 2016 : how FBI Director James Comey cost Hillary Clinton the presidency
Davis, Lanny J, author.
I know how you feel : the joy and heartbreak of friendship in women's lives
Barth, F. Diane, author.
The pink hat
Joyner, Andrew (Illustrator), author, illustrator.
Goldilocks and the just right potty
Hodgkinson, Leigh, author, illustrator.
Festival of colors
Sehgal, Kabir, author.
Hobbie, Holly, author.
Fodor's Los Cabos : with Todos Santos, La Paz & Valle de Guadalupe
Kast-Myers, Marlise, author
Fodor's 25 best. London
Nicholson, Louise, 1954- author.
Fodor's 25 best. Rome
Jepson, Tim, author.
Cameron, Sarah, 1954- author.
Teach yourself visually MacBook
Hart-Davis, Guy, author.
Progressive web apps
Hume, Dean Alan, author.
Cutting edge
Larsen, Ward, author.
At the dark end of the street : black women, rape, and resistance- a new history of the civil rights movement from Rosa Parks to the rise of black power
McGuire, Danielle L.
This idea is brilliant : lost, overlooked, and underappreciated scientific concepts everyone should know
Developing the leader within you 2.0
Maxwell, John C., 1947- author.
I don't want to know anyone too well
Levine, Norman, 1923-2005, author
Before I wake
Taylor, C. L., 1973- author.
Bone by bone
Kay, Sanjida, 1970- author
The case of the deadly doppelganger
Banks, Lucy Ann, author.
15-Minute French
An American Marriage
Jones, Tayari.
15-Minute Spanish
World history : from the ancient world to the information age
Parker, Philip, 1965- author.
The thoughtful gardener : an intelligent approach to garden design
Blom, Jinny, author.
Dining in : highly cookable recipes
Roman, Alison, author.
Minimalist Baker's everyday cooking : 101 entirely plant-based, mostly gluten-free, easy and delicious recipes
Shultz, Dana, author.
Italian moms : spreading their art to every table : classic homestyle Italian recipes
Costantini, Elisa, 1938- author.
Black star renegades
Moreci, Michael, author.
Killed in action : an Equalizer novel
Sloan, Michael, 1946- author.
Crocodile on the sandbank
Peters, Elizabeth, 1927-2013.
All kinds of friends
Rotner, Shelley, author, illustrator.
Dane, Lauren
Hang him twice
Johnstone, William W.
Dead aim
Richards, Dusty
Look for me : a novel
Gardner, Lisa, author
Feel free : essays
Smith, Zadie, author.
The gate keeper : an Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery
Todd, Charles, author.
The house of impossible beauties
Cassara, Joseph, author.
How to stop time
Haig, Matt, 1975- author
The cowboy's Texas twins
Michaels, Tanya
A family for the rancher
Collins, Allison B.
Her cowboy reunion
Rawlins, Debbi
Rodeo sheriff
Sullivan, Mary
Guardian cowboy
Cassidy, Carla
Undercover protector
Di Lorenzo, Melinda
Her mission with a SEAL
Dees, Cindy
Colton's deadly engagement
Fox, Addison
A soldier in Conard County
Lee, Rachel
The marine's secret daughter
Nichols, Carrie
The single dad's family recipe
Johns, Rachael
A bride for Liam Brand
Sims, Joanna
An engagement for two
Ferrarella, Marie
No ordinary Fortune
Duarte, Judy
A bride at his bidding
Smart, Michelle
Shock heir for the crown prince
Hunter, Kelly.
Claiming his nine-month consequence
Lucas, Jennie
The greek's ultimate conquest
Lawrence, Kim
A proposal to secure his vengeance
Walker, Kate
The secret Valtinos baby
Graham, Lynne.
Frankenstein in Baghdad
Saadawi, Ahmed.
The atomic city girls : a novel
Beard, Janet, author.
Watterson, Kate.
Sister of darkness : the chronicles of a modern exorcist
Stavis, R. H, author.
A time of love and tartan : a 44 Scotland Street novel
McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- author.
It takes two to tumble
Sebastian, Cat.
She regrets nothing
Dunlop, Andrea.
Next year in Havana
Cleeton, Chanel.
The boy in the park
Grayson, A.J.
Media madness : Donald Trump, the press, and the war over the truth
Kurtz, Howard, 1953- author.
As bright as heaven
Meissner, Susan, 1961- author.
The deceivers
Berenson, Alex, author.
Journey through trauma : a trail guide to the five-phase cycle of healing repeated trauma
Schmelzer, Gretchen, author.
A death in Live Oak : a Jack Swyteck novel
Grippando, James, 1958- author
The undertaker's daughter
Blædel, Sara, author.
Garter stitch revival : 20 creative knitting patterns featuring the simplest stitch
Marvel super heroes; larger than life
Pilgrim, Will Corona.
Norman, the slug with the silly shell
Hendra, Sue, author, illustrator.
Vogue knitting : the ultimate knitting book
At peace : choosing a good death after a long life
Harrington, Samuel (Physician), author.
Gobbly goat.
Portly pig.
The wonderful habits of rabbits.
So light, so heavy.
Counting with barefoot critters.
10 conversations you must have with your son : preparing your son for a happy and successful life
Hawkes, Tim, author.
The tropical fish handbook
Goodwin, David (Writer on aquarium fish), author.
Difficult conversations just for women : kill the anxiety, get what you want
Santiago, Sofia, author.
Shrubs : an old-fashioned drink for modern times
Dietsch, Michael, author.
Patchwork embroidery
Ray, Aimee, 1976- author.
Running free of injuries : from pain to personal best
Hobrough, Paul, author.
Drawing and painting animals with expression
Kruijt, Marjolein, 1976- author, illustrator.
Beginning drawing : a multidimensional approach to learning the art of basic drawing
Picard, Alain (Alain J.), author.
DIY drones for the evil genius : design, build, and customize your own drones
Cinnamon, Ian, author.
Beyond scandal and desire
Heath, Lorraine
Moonlight sins
Armentrout, Jennifer L.
Buried truth
Gallant, Jannine
Biscuits and slashed browns
Day, Maddie
Dreaming in chocolate
Crispell, Susan Bishop
The big book of makerspace projects : inspiring makers to experiment, create, and learn
Graves, Colleen, author.
Good night fairies.
Biscuit's pet & play farm animals.
The chicks in the barn.
A surprise for bunny.
Green, Sara, 1964- author.
Feminism is for everybody : passionate politics
hooks, bell, 1952- author
Autentico : cooking Italian, the authentic way
Beramendi, Rolando, author.
First bites : homemade, nourishing recipes from baby spoonfuls to toddler treats
Chatagnier, Leigh Ann, author.
Keto. the complete guide to success on the Ketogenic Diet, including simplified science and no-cook meal plans
Emmerich, Maria, author.
Colors with ladybug.
Jane Foster's Easter.
Sci-Fi Junior High
Martin, John
A man for Honor
Miller, Emma
The lawman's runaway bride
Johns, Patricia
The bachelor's baby
Ross, Mia
A cowboy for the twins
Aarsen, Carolyne
Her secret daughter
Herne, Ruth Logan
Murder borrowed, murder blue : a wedding planner mystery
Blackmoore, Stephanie
Riggs, Kate, author.
Bodden, Valerie, author.
Bodden, Valerie, author.
Starlight nights
Kade, Stacey, author.
A question of blood
Rankin, Ian.
The road to bittersweet
Everhart, Donna, author.
Silent threat
Marton, Dana, author.
The fire child
Tremayne, S. K., 1963- author.
Binti : the night masquerade
Okorafor, Nnedi, author.
The Dante Club : a novel
Pearl, Matthew.
Mister Tender's girl
Wilson, Carter (Novelist), author.
Hot Springs : an Earl Swagger novel
Hunter, Stephen, 1946-
I'll be a firefighter
Miller, Connie Colwell, 1976-, author.
I'll be a doctor
Miller, Connie Colwell, 1976-, author.
I'll be a chef
Miller, Connie Colwell, 1976-, author.
I'll be a musician
Miller, Connie Colwell, 1976-, author.
I'll be a paleontologist
Miller, Connie Colwell, 1976-, author.
More than baloons
Crozier, Lorna, 1948- author.
Filling the happiness gap
Foster, Will author.
The DBT solution for emotional eating : a proven program to break the cycle of bingeing and out-of-control eating
Safer, Debra L, author.
The good guy
Beale, Susan, author
One more promise
Chase, Samantha.
The rule of Stephens
Taylor, Timothy L., 1963- author
The forever house
Henry, Veronica
Tarnished city
James, Vic, author.
The rub of time : Bellow, Nabokov, Hitchens, Travolta, Trump: essays and reportage, 1986-2017
Amis, Martin, author
Girl unknown : a novel
Perry, Karen, 1974- author
Into the fire
Moon, Elizabeth, author.
One half from the east
Hashimi, Nadia.
The kings of Big Spring : God, oil, and one family's search for the American dream
Mealer, Bryan, author.
Good neighbors : a novel
Serling, Joanne, 1966- author.
Halfway : a memoir
Macher, Tom, 1977- author.
Call me Zebra
Van der Vliet Oloomi, Azareen, author.
Asymmetry : a novel
Halliday, Lisa, author.
Daphne : a novel
Boast, Will, author.
Up up, down down : essays
Knapp, Cheston, author.
Self-portrait with boy : a novel
Lyon, Rachel, author.
The which way tree
Crook, Elizabeth, 1959- author.
Child of a mad god
Salvatore, R. A., 1959- author.
House witness : a Joe DeMarco thriller
Lawson, Michael, 1948- author.
The glass forest : a novel
Swanson, Cynthia, 1965- author.
This fallen prey : a Rockton novel
Armstrong, Kelley, author.
The Storm King : a novel
Duffy, Brendan, author.
I am, I am, I am : seventeen brushes with death
O'Farrell, Maggie, 1972- author.
Only killers and thieves : a novel
Howarth, Paul, author.
Only child
Navin, Rhiannon, 1978- author.
Murder beyond the grave : true-crime thrillers
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
A false report : a true story of rape in America
Miller, T. Christian, author.
The genius within : unlocking our brain's potential
Adam, David, 1972- author.
It's not always depression : working the change triangle to listen to the body, discover core emotions, and connect to your authentic self
Jacobs Hendel, Hilary, author.
Force of nature
Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth), author.
Strength in stillness : the power of transcendental meditation
Roth, Robert, 1950- author.
How to protect (or destroy) your reputation online : the essential guide to avoid digital damage, lock down your brand, and defend your business
David, John P., author.
Negotiating so everyone wins : secrets you can use from Canada's top business, sports, labour and political negotiators
Dingwall, David C., 1952- author.
Understanding the NICU : what parents of preemies and other hospitalized newborns need to know
Drawing superheroes step by step : the complete guide for the aspiring comic book artist
Hart, Christopher, 1957- author.
Drawing and painting : the complete artist's handbook
Martín i Roig, Gabriel, 1970- author.
See Kate sew : 24 learn-to-sew projects you can make in an hour
Blocher, Kate, author.
50 contemporary photographers you should know
Heine, Florian, author.
The authentics
Acevedo, Melanie, author.
Paper Panda's guide to papercutting
Firchau, Louise, author.
Beginning acrylic : tips and techniques for learning to paint in acrylic
Gertsch, Susette Billedeaux, author.
Leather bracelets : 33 step-by-step instructions for leather cuffs, bracelets, and bangles with knots, beads, buttons and charms
Vogue-Sha, Nihon, author.
Great pubs of London
Dailey, George, 1946- author.
Walking for fitness : make every step count
Barough, Nina, author.
Cyberbullying and the wild, wild web : what everyone needs to know
Hitchcock, Jayne A, author.
Just don't fall : a hilariously true story of childhood, cancer, amputation, romantic yearning, truth, and Olympic greatness
Sundquist, Josh, author.
No news is bad news : Canada's media collapse -- and what comes next
Gill, Ian, 1955- author.
The professional financial advisor IV : putting transparency and integrity first
De Goey, John J., 1963- author
Is this who we are? : 14 questions about Quebec
Dubuc, Alain, author.
Happiness is a rare bird : living the birding life
Walz, Eugene P., author
Choosing real : an invitation to celebrate when life doesn't go as planned
Pogue, Bekah Jane, author.
Bliss more : how to succeed in meditation without really trying
Watkins, Light, author.
Deeply holistic : a guide to intuitive self-care, know your body, live consciously, and nurture your spirit
Waller, Pip, author.
Sit strong : everyday exercises to stretch and strengthen your posture
Griffey, Harriet, author.
Simpsons comics : game on!
The great alone
Hannah, Kristin, author
Fairy tail, Vol. 63
Mashima, Hiro.
SP baby; volume 2
Enjoji, Maki.
Nelson, Colleen.
The great pursuit
Higgins, Wendy.
Keto slow cooker & one-pot meals : over 100 simple & delicious, low-carb, paleo and primal recipes for weight loss and better health
Slajerova, Martina, author.
New minimalism : decluttering and design for sustainable, intentional living
Fortin, Cary Telander, author.
The Making of a Dream : How a Group of Young Undocumented Immigrants Helped Change What It Means to Be American
Wides-Munoz, Laura
Tick-tock! ; Measuring time
Shaw, Gina.
Life in the stone age
Lock, Deborah.
Meet Black Panther
Busse, R. R.
Happy Easter, Tiny!
Meister, Cari.
Please, no more nuts!
Fenske, Jonathan.
Best bunnies
Dr. Third
Hargreaves, Adam.
Dr. Tenth
Hargreaves, Adam.
Dr. Sixth
Hargreaves, Adam.
The Berenstain bears and the ducklings
Berenstain, Mike.
Dr. Fifth
Hargreaves, Adam.
The little red caboose
Depken, Kristen L.
Emerson is Mighty Girl!
Rusu, Meredith.
This is Black Panther
West, Alexandra.
Willa's butterfly ballet
Katschke, Judy.
Green, Sara, 1964- author.
American Girl
Green, Sara, 1964- author.
Star Wars
Green, Sara, 1964- author.
Green, Sara, 1964- author.
Green, Sara, 1964- author.
Hot Wheels
Green, Sara, 1964- author.
The Axeman's jazz
Celestin, Ray, author.
Orangutans build tree nests
Raum, Elizabeth, author.
Rabbits dig burrows
Raum, Elizabeth, author.
Beavers build lodges
Raum, Elizabeth, author.
Canada in flux 1960-1979
Kentner, Julie, author.
Canada today 2001-2017
Nicks, Erin, author.
Canada becomes a federation 1867-1879
Dirsa, Tom, 1941-, author.
Canada charters its future 1980-1993
Murray, Laura K., 1989-, author.
Canada exercises diplomacy 1946-1959
Oachs, Emily Rose, author.
Canada on the world stage 1914-1945
Kentner, Julie, author.
Canada unites 1880-1913
Lassieur, Allison, author.
Proof of God : the shocking true answer to the world's most important question
Tompkins, Ptolemy, author.
1000 symbols
Shepherd, Rowena.
Signs and symbols around the world
Helfman, Elizabeth S.
Dictionary of symbols : an illustrated guide to traditional images, icons, and emblems
Tresidder, Jack.
Hardt, Helen, author.
Hardt, Helen, author.
Hardt, Helen, author.
Hardt, Helen, author.
Melt : Steel brothers saga, book four
Hardt, Helen, author.
Hardt, Helen, author.
Hardt, Helen, author.
Hardt, Helen, author.
The secret affair
Paul, Gill, 1960-, author.
Walk it off : the true and hilarious story of how I learned to stand, walk, pee, run and have sex again after a nightmarish diagnosis turned my awesome life upside down : a memoir
Marshall, Ruth, author.
The God game
Round, Jeffrey, author.
Harlequin love inspired february 2018--box set 2 of 2 : A Cowboy for the Twins\Her Secret Daughter\The Bachelor's Baby
Aarsen, Carolyne, author.
Harlequin love inspired february 2018--box set 1 of 2 : A Man for Honor\Hill Country Reunion\The Lawman's Runaway Bride
Miller, Emma, author.
Harlequin love inspired suspense february 2018--box set 2 of 2 : Baby on the Run\Credible Threat\High-Risk Investigation
White, Hope, author.
Harlequin love inspired suspense february 2018--box set 1 of 2 : Thread of Revenge\Plain Jeopardy\Mountain Refuge
Goddard, Elizabeth, author.
Love inspired historical february 2018 box set : Suddenly a Frontier Father\The Rancher's Temporary Engagement\Honor-Bound Lawman\An Inconvenient Marriage
Cote, Lyn, author.
The grave's a fine and private place
Bradley, C. Alan, 1938- author.
If you knew her : a novel
Elgar, Emily, author.
When They Call You a Terrorist : A Black Lives Matter Memoir.
Khan-Cullors, Patrisse, 1984-, author.
All-American murder : the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez, the superstar whose life ended on Murderers' Row
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Anatomy of a scandal : a novel
Vaughan, Sarah, 1972- author.
12 rules for life : an antidote to chaos
Peterson, Jordan B., author.
Blood Kiss
Ward, J. R., 1969- author.
Blood Fury.
Ward, J. R., 1969-
Tell me more, and other important things I'm learning to say
Corrigan, Kelly, 1967- author.
The healthy brain : Optimize Brain Power at Any Age
Burford-Mason, Aileen, 1943-, author.
Murder below zero
Reynolds, John Lawrence, author.
In a cottage in a wood
Green, Cass, author.
In this grave hour : a Maisie Dobbs novel
Winspear, Jacqueline, 1955- author.
The Woman Next Door
Green, Cass.
Blood Vow : Black Dagger Legacy.
Ward, J. R., 1969-
A murder for Max
Reynolds, John Lawrence, author.
The secret wife
Paul, Gill, 1960- author.
Bought and sold a 14-year-old British girl trafficked for sex by the man she loved
Stephens, Megan, author.
Neil Armstrong : a life of flight
Barbree, Jay, author.
Perdido Street Station
Mieville, China.
Kao gu wei jie zhi mi
Bu ke yi shi de da Qing di guo
Shihaiyufu, author.
The ice enchantment
Star, Danielle.
Goldie Blox and the best friend fail!
McAnulty, Stacy.
Twin trouble
Kent, Jaden.
Dreams come true
Star, Danielle.
The song of the moon
Star, Danielle.
Black panther : The junior novel
Mccann, Jim.
The night of courage
Star, Danielle.
Dark state
Stross, Charles, author.
Discovering the mammoth : a tale of giants, unicorns, ivory, and the birth of a new science
McKay, John J, author.
The great big treasury of Beatrix Potter : with her original illustrations
Potter, Beatrix, 1866-1943.
Wheels and axles
Dickmann, Nancy, author.
Dickmann, Nancy, author.
Dickmann, Nancy, author.
Dickmann, Nancy, author.
Dickmann, Nancy, author.
Dickmann, Nancy, author.
Focus on friction
Mattern, Joanne, author.
Focus on inertia
Mattern, Joanne, author.
Focus on gravity
Mansfield, Cheryl, author.
Focus on light
Hutchison, Patricia, author.
Focus on waves
Mansfield, Cheryl, author.
Watch me
Gehrman, Jody Elizabeth, author.
The island : a Grand & Batchelor Victorian mystery
Trow, M. J., author.
Love from Peter Rabbit.
Cobalt Squadron
Wein, Elizabeth, author.
Woodrow at sea
Edwards, Wallace.
Focus on energy
Forest, Christopher, author.
The strange last voyage of Donald Crowhurst
Tomalin, Nicholas, author.
Close to OM : stretching yoga from your mat to your life
Marcum, Andrea, author.
Day trading 101 : from understanding risk management and creating trade plans to recognizing market patterns and using automated software, an essential primer in modern day trading
Borman, David, author.
All we knew : a Cabot novel
Beck, Jamie, author.
This love story will self-destruct : a novel
Cohen, Leslie, 1984- author.
Walking the bones : a Ryan DeMarco mystery
Silvis, Randall, 1950- author.
The lost plot : an Invisible Library novel
Cogman, Genevieve, author.
Mehrotra, Rati, author.
Night passage : a Jesse Stone novel
Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010, author.
In every moment we are still alive : a novel
Malmquist, Tom, 1978- author.
I love you too much : a novel
Drake, Alicia, author.
George Hunter's Canada : iconic images from Canada's most prolific photographer.
Hunter, George, 1921-2013, author
X-Men Legion : Shadow King rising
Claremont, Chris, 1950- author.
Burn the business plan : what great entrepreneurs really do
Schramm, Carl J, author.
A contract with God : and other tenement stories
Eisner, Will, author.
Have your cake and eat it : nutritious, delicious recipes for healthier everyday baking
Turner, Mich, author.
Diamondback rattlesnakes
Rathburn, Betsy, author.
The Mighty Captain Marvel, volume 2 : band of sisters
Stohl, Margaret.
On the prowl!
Busse, R.R.
Battle for the garden
Natasha Wing's the night before my first Communion
Wing, Natasha.
Here comes the Easter beagle!
Cooper, Jason
Batman will save the day!
Dingee, A.E.
Mouse loves spring
Thompson, Lauren.
Animal armor
Marsh, Laura.
Ancient Egypt
Drimmer, Stephanie Warren.
Real dragons!
Szymanski, Jennifer.
Miffy can help!
Shaw, Natalie.
Crystal magic : mineral wisdom for pagans & wiccans
Kynes, Sandra, 1950- author.
The annotated Mona Lisa : a crash course in art history from prehistoric to the present
Strickland, Carol, author.
The gentlemen's guide to grooming : the quintessential handbook for the modern man
Fawcett, Peabody, author.
Plant powered protein cookbook : over 200 healthy & delicious whole food dishes
Fit in 10 : slim & strong for life! : simple meals and easy exercises for lasting weight loss in minutes a day
Southerland, Jenna Bergen, author.
What's making our children sick? : how industrial food is causing an epidemic of chronic illness, and what parents (and doctors) can do about it
Perro, Michelle, author.
The colorful kitchen : simple plant-based recipes for vibrancy, inside and out
Moreno, Ilene Godofsky, author.
Chicken soup for the soul : random acts of kindness : 101 stories of compassion and paying it forward
Mastering the art of watercolour : mixing paint: brush strokes, gouache, masking out, glazing, wet into wet, drybrush painting, washes, using resists, sponging, light to dark, sgraffito
Jelbert, Wendy.
Co-parenting from the inside out : voices of moms and dads
Kristjanson, Karen L., author.
Start with your sock drawer : and the rest will follow
Silverthorn, Vicky.
Birds build nests
Raum, Elizabeth, author.
Bees build beehives
Raum, Elizabeth, author.
Bears make dens
Raum, Elizabeth, author.
Survival of the fritters
Bolton, Ginger, author.
Secret hero society : detention of doom
Fridolfs, Derek, author.
A very DC Rebirth Holiday
Superwoman. Vol. 2, Rediscovery
Perkins, K., author.
The transformers, Vol. 1 : lost light
Roberts, James.
Liza's second chance
Jebber, Molly.
True blue
Brouwer, Sigmund, 1959-, author.
Winter road
Butcher, Kristin, 1951- author.
Learning seventeen
Carter, Brooke.
My first Easter.
What's in my truck?
Bedtime bunnies.
Little blue truck's springtime.
Dark imperium
Haley, Guy.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Vol. 4
Higgins, Kyle.
The girlfriend
Frances, Michelle, author.
Jackie, Janet & Lee : the secret lives of Janet Auchincloss and her daughters Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwill
Taraborrelli, J. Randy, author.
That's what she said : what men need to know (and women need to tell them) about working together
Lipman, Joanne, author.
Dirty genes : a breakthrough program to treat the root cause of illness and optimize your health
Lynch, Ben, 1974- author.
A guilty thing surprised
Rendell, Ruth, 1930-2015
Murder being once done
Rendell, Ruth, 1930-2015.
You can never tell the depth of the well by the length of the handle on the pump
Miller, B-J. (Brenda-Jane), author
Devon & Cornwall
Berry, Oliver, author.
Garwood, Duncan, author.
Florence & Tuscany
Williams, Nicola, 1971- author
Venice & the Veneto
Hardy, Paula, author.
A moral reckoning : the role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and its unfulfilled duty of repair
Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah.
Gwenpool, the unbelievable, Vol. 4 : beyond the fourth wall
Hastings, Christopher.
The bloody spur
Spillane, Mickey, 1918-2006, author.
Almost dead
Jackson, Lisa.
Out of the darkness and Night moves
Graham, Heather.
Final siege
Cole, Scarlett.
Class reunions are murder
Klein, Libby.
When the stars come out
Trentham, Laura.
Looking for a hero
Macomber, Debbie.
Aliens abroad
Koch, Gini.
Breaking point
Brennan, Allison.
Hauck, Michelle.
Stranger magics
Fitzsimmons, Ash.
The trouble with true love
Guhrke, Laura Lee.
Dead reckoning and The last chance
Blakely, Mike.
Roberts, Nora.
Surrender to the highlander
Sands, Lynsay.
Rattlesnake Wells, Wyoming
Johnstone, William W.
Leah's choice
Perry, Marta.
The honorable traitors
Lutz, John.
Grant, Donna.
Judgment road
Feehan, Christine.
Room for two
Landon, Sydney.
Double Standards.
McNaught, Judith.
The pope of Palm Beach
Dorsey, Tim, author.
Crushing it! : how great entrepreneurs build business and influence-- and how you can, too
Vaynerchuk, Gary, author.
The end of epidemics : the looming threat to humanity and how to stop it
Quick, Jonathan D, author.
All that glitters
Palmer, Diana, author.
The goblins of Bellwater
Ringle, Molly
The fast and the furriest
Ryan, Sofie.
Edge of darkness
Rose, Karen
Baby's first words.
The itsy bitsy leprechaun.
Be kind, be brave, be you!
Night night, Groot.
Today I'm a Veterinarian.
Baby's first baby animals.
Treasure trove
A day at the farm.
Life with Kevin
Parent, Dan.
Chill of the ice dragon
West, Tracey.
Robot on the loose
Winkler, Henry.
Hermes : tales of the trickster
O'Connor, George, author.
Duck tales woo-oo! : cinestory comic
Act of revenge : a novel
Brown, Dale, 1956- author.
Now we are dead
MacBride, Stuart, author.
Klimo, Kate.
Miles, Ellen.
Logan the puppy
Clarke, Jane.
The invisible planet
Stilton, Geronimo.
Ellie steps up to the plate
Barkley, Callie.
Garfield feeds the kitty
Davis, Jim.
D-Day : battle on the beach
Messner, Kate.
Battle for Wakanda
Snider, Brandon T.
Last day on Mars
Emerson, Kevin.
Worse, worser, wurst
Krulik, Nancy.
Grilled cheese and dragons
Krulik, Nancy.
Zimmer Nr. 10 : Roman
Edwardson, Åke, 1953- author
Die Fliege und die Ewigkeit : Roman
Nesser, Håkan, 1950- author
Morder ohne Gesicht : thriller
Mankell, Henning, 1948-2015, author.
This narrow space : a pediatric oncologist, his Jewish, Muslim, and Christian patients, and a hospital in Jerusalem
Waldman, Elisha, author.
A more beautiful and terrible history : the uses and misuses of civil rights history
Theoharis, Jeanne, author.